Friday, November 24, 2006

It's Over...

Well, it's over!
And I didn't faint, I didn't cry (well, I almost did.) and I didn't drop down dead. I am very impressed with myself.
But, my sister isn't a McDonald anymore. She won't be doing the dishes on Sunday night, I won't giggle over movies with her anymore, I won't say, "Give William to Christa to watch!" :).

Christa was lovely. The ceremony wasn't very long, only 40 minutes or so and everything went smoothly (thankfully!). The little girls (aka flower girls) had a wonderful time tossing flowers all over the aisle (lots, I assure you.). Tiffany, Melissa and I (the bridesmaids) made the terrible mistake of not eating breakfast...actually, not eating anything all morning. We were all nervous, and we hadn't eaten so you can imagine how we felt. :) But we all ended up fine!
I will try to post photos as soon as I get them. David Price was getting the photos for the wedding but I'm not sure when we'll get them so I'll post them whenever I do.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! :D

~jessica nicole~

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life's Changes...

I honestly can't believe it! The wedding is only five days away and it seems like it was yesterday that we were little girls dreaming about the day we would get married; laughing about what Prince Charming might look like, the pranks we would play on him, what the colors of our wedding would be...and now it's all coming true.

I thought that the day when one of my dear sisters would be married would be an eternity away. I tried to make myself believe that we would always be together; that nothing would change. We're a family...why should anything be different? We were content.
Now I'm losing a sister. She won't be just down the street either. I won't be able to see her whenever I like because she will be thousands of miles away...

I have to admit, I hate change. I like everything to stay just the same. But I know real life isn't like that at all. And every day, the older I get, it changes more and more. Life is such a difficult thing! I'm going to miss my big sister.


P.S. Now, Tiff, don't you get any silly notions about running off and getting married too!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Below are photos of the Howard's visit and the Birthday bash. Enjoy!

p.s. you can find more on Tiffany's blog!


Tiffany and Grace in the fall leaves

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Abigail and Tommy

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Mr and Mrs Howard

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Dad and Mom chatting

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Howard and McDonald kids watching a movie...

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Playing Ultimate Frisby

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Grace, Aleta and Abigail having tea...

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Only some of the cars at the birthday bash...

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How very sad.
My sister is getting married in 16 days!!!
What shall I do?!

"Sisters, Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters..."

Monday, November 06, 2006

Guests, Parties, Sickness, fishing, boating, frisby, fall time...

I must admit, I've been so terrible at posting lately! But when you've heard how busy we've been you might sympathize! :)

At the beginning of last week we had the Osborne family over from Idaho. They stayed and we had a lovely visit. Then, on Wendsday they left and the Howard family joined us from Virginia!

On Saturday (while the Howard's were still with us) we had a huge birthday bash for Caleb and Emma at our home! It was so much fun!!! We enjoyed a lot of boating (the Evans's brought their rubber raft, we have a canoe and our neighbors lent us their paddle boat.), fishing, chatting, and Ultimate Frisby (yes, I actually did play, believe it or not!! :D) It was a very exciting day!

On Sunday we had the Evans family over and enjoyed fishing (a lot of blue gill was caught.), though they ended up having to leave early because a lady from our church went into labor and Mrs. Evans was helping with the birth. After they left we put the kids to bed and put on "Henry V" (we were going to watch "Master and Commander" but it couldn't be found!). Right before the battle of Agincourt, Grace ran out of bed and threw up everywhere! We got that cleaned up and turne dthe movie back on. A little bit later we hear her throw up get the picture. It happened four or five times. Then Emma threw up as well and we found ourselves with two sick babies!! After the movie was over (around midnight) we all piled up to bed.

Then, today Tiff and I spent hours and hours raking our yard. Let me tell you, it was quite an adventure, because I've never raked a yard in my life (I've never really had to, since at our old house all we had was a twig of a tree in our front yard! :D). But it was so much fun! We skipped around with our rakes looking like total idiots, but enjoying every minute of it! :) We set up speakers and a cd player outside and listened to music, and after we made a pile (a little shorter than 5 feet and very wide!) we set our rakes down and jumped into the leaves!! Oh what bliss!! It was fabulous and we can't wait to do it again that we're very sore. :D

We're still enjoying the Howard's wonderful company! They leave on Wendsday morning. We're trying to convince them to stay longer and to go house hunting here in Illinois! :) So far, we haven't succeded, but...we'll see. :)

Pictures to follow!