Friday, December 22, 2006

Another Tag!!!

Josiah tagged me. So here goes. :)

List 6 things about yourself which are either weird, habitual, unusual, or just plain fun to hear about and tag six to ten others.

1. I enjoy singing opera at the top of my lungs for the world to hear even though my voice can't really...ahem...stretch as far as I would like it to. :)

2. I hate frogs, bugs and any little nasty creatures that are like that. They absolulty gross and disgust me. And I'm scared to death of them.

3. I don't really like chocolate.

4. I think Panda Bears are the best animals and are soooo adorable and if I could I'd want a pet Panda...even though it would eat me alive. :)

5. I like the new Pride and Prejudice better than the old one. And that tends to freak some people out.

6. Whenever I go to someones house I make a beeline for the bookshelf.

Okay, I tag the following:

Brooke Boriack
Megan Carlson
AnnaVon Holton
Natalya Kracko
Esther Habegger
Sierra Candler
Caleb McDonald
Joshua Habegger
Brandon Huber
Jonathan Erber

Okay, I decided to post after all. Seeing as I found the perfect thing to post and I can't resist putting it up. :)

Now, Guess what they're doing in the photos. :D


Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Nativity Story

The Nativity Story

What a powerful movie! I sat in awe in the theatre, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. It was beautiful! When Jesus is born and Joseph holds up baby Jesus and laughs I felt such joy fill me!

The movie was wonderfully done, the acting, the music, the script. It was gorgeous. And it really made you feel as if you were there, feeling Mary's frustration as no one believed her story, feeling Joseph's pain as he saw Mary when she arrived back from her visit to Elizabeth. There's one part where they are on their way to Bethlehem and after Joseph has fallen asleep Mary sees his dirty, bloody feet, sore from walking endlessly on the rocky ground. What does she do? She wets a cloth and washes his feet. It was beautiful. I cried, I must admit. I left the movie in a daze, it was that amazing.

If you haven't seen it yet, please go see it. You will leave the theatre changed and you will see Christmas in a whole different light.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 04, 2006

I had a very interesting thing happen to me earlier. Actually, I couldn't stop laughing. :)

I was toting William around this evening when I made my way into Mom and Dad's bathroom. I then saw Abigail in the bathtub relaxing. Deciding to play around with her I yelled, "AHHH! There's a girl in the tub!"
Abigail then proceeded to jump up (higher then I've ever seen her before.) onto her feet and screaming.
She then yelled, "WHERE?!"



Friday, December 01, 2006

"Walking in a winter wonderland...."

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

What bliss! What joy! Our first snow today!!!! Over a foot deep! We've had a day full of sledding, snowmen and snowball fights! We're SO happy!!

Pictures to come soon!