Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Trails...

I have been told by several kind people that I don't post on my blog enough anymore. Which is a true statement. I am most humbly apologetic and beg y'all's forgiveness! I racked my brain for something profound to post about, and though I didn't come up with anything that will shake the world, I did come up with a little something. :)

This past weekend we made our way over to the state of Colorado for a Homeschool conference (CHEC). It is absolutely gorgeous there, and we loved every moment of it! The Chapa family kindly hosted us and we had a lovely time getting to know them, and also meeting up with our friends the Hectors (well, 4 of them.) and two of the Davis'. Not to mention the many new friends we made!
was a delightful time of fellowship and fun...we didn't want it to end! But end it did, and from there we made our way back home, stopping once in Kansas for a short day of sightseeing. It was a good way to get our minds off of what we were leaving behind and we greatly enjoyed ourselves!

Here are a few photos of the events:

Mom and Dad were on a panel about Courtship at the CO homeschool conference. They did a great job. :)

Everyone's face seemed to have a smile! Which, of course, means that everyone must have been extremely happy. I know I was!

We had a time of Bible reading/discussion and a bit of singing on Saturday evening at the Chapa's lovely home.

The group all together!
Imagine this, all of these people (minus just one.) were staying at the Chapa's house! We were a big tight, but it was definitely worth it!

4 Hectors and 8 McDonalds, right before they left for the airport!
It was a rather sad farewell.

After leaving CO we made our way to the Kansas History Museum! It was a *very* exciting, if a bit small museum. We loved it! There was a life-size old train in the museum that you could go into. Not to mention a train station, a telegraph office, diners, wagons, cars, retro gas was fabulous!
If you're ever going through Kansas you should stop and take a look!

Didn't his parents tell him never to play on the train tracks? *tsk tsk* :)

My parents on the "Carousel." Not really sure what the horse is doing in this picture...but it doesn't look too happy...

Moosh, Tiff, Me and Caleb in the mirror at the museum.
I thought it look kind of "artsy". :)

"C'mon Texas! C'mon! Gidyup!"

"Santa Fe! Are you there? Do you swear you won't forget me? If I asked you would you let me come and stay..."
Guess that song lyric!! :)

Don't you wish those adorable people were smiling at *you*? :)

I suppose we forgot to tell Grace that one generally doesn't look up the end of a cannon...

I love buffalos and I love my little brother. So the two seemed to go well in a photo. :)

Our family's new home! Come visit some time! We might lend you a pair of moccasins and feed you roasted buffalo...
Actually, nevermind, we do not eat buffaloes. We are vegetarian Indians!

We might feed you roasted peppers! Do come!

"I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss...and the prince I'm hoping comes with this..."
Aren't you jealous? Don't you wish that *you* found him first?

How fun would it be to take a drive in that car?? Like stepping out of the 1930's...

A few of us McD's in front of the Retro-Style McDonald's! McDonald's had the cutest emblem back then! This cute little hamburger looking guy. They should really go back to that sign!

A little retro "diner" they had in the museum.
Dad says that he remembers eating at a place that looked just like that!

Dad and Mom in the "diner". :)

We couldn't decide on East or West. Hmmm...where should we go??

I hope to post more often in the future!! May the Lord bless your week!

In Christ Alone,