Thursday, June 24, 2010

The weather is beautiful outside (sun is shining, wind is cooler than usual and the grass is a brilliant green...) and I plan on taking a walk and soaking up some of the beauty - first, though, I think I owe y'all a blog post. :)

Once the initial post-wedding exhaustion passed we found real life setting in - sort of. (: Christa and Joshua came up earlier this month to stay with us for a little while (they were up here for a homeschool conference) and that was such a blessing just to be able to spend time with them! We had an incredibly fun time hanging out before she had to leave. About a week after she left I found myself on the way to the beautiful state of Virginia with some dear friends of mine where I was able to just hang out and relax. (: And now, coming up, is a trip to sunny California for my sister and brother-in-law's wedding reception!

So as you can probably tell, life has been busy. But, I like it this way, especially when the days are spent busy with people I love! God is good. (:
So, I suppose y'all would like to see a few pictures? ;) I'll upload some then - just for y'all. (:

Yes, we're pretty happy to be here. ^^


Girls and guns. (:

Men and hats. ;)

Ain't they darling???

*shrugs* We were thirsty!


Peter and Travis are wannabe cowboys. ;)

Aren't those camo Santa hats the cutest things??

Nathan asks the lady to dance.
But she didn't think it was proper to dance in a store. (:

We hold up Melissa's name as a "hello"! (:

Support Our Troops...

Or else. ;)

See a resemblance? (:

My "adopted" second mom and sister. (:

Becca and I sport our blue tongues. (:
(I know! It's not very ladylike!)

I had a Frosty for the first time! Delicious!!!


Walking up to the front...

A quick picture in front of the helicopter before going in to the theater to see a movie about the Marines!

Melinda found her man!
Unfortunately, he was cardboard. ;)

Mine was wax. :P lol

^^ *laughing* ^^

Peter pulls himself up!
(this is one of the obstacles the Marines-in-training have to complete at Boot camp.)

And another one!
This backpack weighed a RIDICULOUS amount! I'm not even going to post the picture of me trying to stand with that thing on my back! It has to take some serious strength to hike up even a small hill with that thing!

Mrs. Sanford's parents looking adorable! (:

In the front of the building!

In the mirror!!
(we're trying to entertain ourselves while the guys look at guns in Bass Pro Shop. ;))

Typical Zach and Nathan. ;)

Having WAY too much fun boxing with the Wii!! (:

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford have a go at it!
(guess who won!)

Group shot!! It was a wonderful visit!!

A quick picture with Mrs. Sanford's grandmother!

Melinda looks happy to be at Sanford Farms! (:

Trying out the bicycle built for two! It was so much fun!

The Sanford's singing a song for Mr. Sanford's parents at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration!!

(it took us a while to get it, but we were pleased to discover that in at least ONE shot we were both in the air. Jumping pictures taken on timer aren't the easiest things to get. :))

Mrs. Sanford blowing up some balloons! (:

Getting ready to take Meli for a ride in the go-cart! (:

The dear people that so sweetly took me to Va with them!!

Some of my favorite people!! (:

And with this picture of us at 4:30 in the morning, I end the pictures of our trip. (:

Lord bless!

In Christ Alone,