Sunday, September 27, 2009

Church Garage Sale!

Well, the computer with the "Best Days of My Life" part 2 pictures has been turned off and this girl is too lazy to start it up as it would take a good deal too long. :) So instead I'm going to post about the Church garage sale our Church put on last week!! I hope y'all enjoy!!

In the beginning we set up, ate lunch and then consumed some homemade lollipops made by the Degenhart family...

As you can probably tell, they were quite enjoyable little blobs of sugar...


(are you sick of lollipop pictures yet? :))

Meanwhile, Geneva takes a turn at the trampoline...

I'm not sure if she liked it or not.

Mel, Meli and Len appear to be having a relatively good time!

As do Nathan and Zach!

A few of the younger girls cleverly set up their own little booth! Did fairly well too! :)

*random moment for random self portrait*

Much laughter occurred...
And many smiles. :)

Mr. Sanford - the deacon who put the garage sale together!

I love this next one. :)

Looking at the wares!


Playing Apples to Apples at some point during the day!

And finally, eating dinner! (The girls were enjoying those carrots, methinks. ;))

All in all, it was a delightful day. :)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Best Days of My Life - Part One

This is just a little peak into my life and a few of my happiest moments in it that I wanted to share with y'all. I will admit that I don't have photo proof of all of the best days of my life. But I do have some, thankfully. And of those some, here are a few. :)

Oh, and this is the first installment of the series. The second one will be coming soon!

Having a smashingly amazingly incredible time with the Hector family, Tiff, Mel, Caleb and Melinda! On our trip from TN to IL we stopped in Nashville (among a BUNCH of other places!) on our way home and got a picture in front of the Grand Ole Opry!! Unfortunately, the gift shop was closed. :(

At Hannah Candler's birthday party we are talking to a good friend over Skype! He's in Japan and we miss him a lot!

That same friend's going away party!
Tiff, Mel, Meli and I sang a Military song for him. :)

Actually, this is us McD kids putting away the Christmas tree. You see, it's a rather large fake tree and it's a foldable kind (as in the branches don't come off...they fold.) so it was kinda difficult to fit in the box. So we all sat on it. Fit pretty well after that.

Len, Meli and I on Easter Sunday 2009!

New Years Day! 12:00! We did a "To the New Year" toast. :)

Me and my dear parents at my 18th Surprise Birthday party!
It was such a beautiful surprise! Thank you.

My "twin" Becca and I! :) <3>

We took a walk in the rain. Garr, Peter and I were the only ones with sense enough to wear a hat. :P :)

Enjoying the crisp late winter air!
That was such a beautiful day!

What?! You might think! Is Jessica Kneeling before Melinda?!
I can safely tell you. No, I'm not. Well, I am. But only because we're practicing for a play. :D

Having a hilarious and wonderful time with the Hector family at a mall in Nashville! This is us in front of a shark. :D

Love this picture! This was taken after Church one Sunday at the Christian Center (where we used to meet for Church before we got a building)! Look at Becca. Cracks me up every time. :D

Twelfth Night! We celebrated it with the Riggenbach family! We made King Cake and wore costumes and everything! It was VERY fun!

When Christa, Daniel and Joshua came to visit us.

Tiff and I in Jamestown visiting for the Jamestown 400 event!

FAMILY 2008!

This one always makes me grin. :D I was "Santa" and everyone sat on my lap and opened their Christmas Eve gifts. :D

Visiting my Sis and her husband in Texas the day after Joshua was born! I was so glad to be able to be there!! <3>

In Chicago for the "Messiah" concert with some of the Sanfords, Ashton and Anna! The Erber family so kind hosted us and we had an AMAZING time and great memories were made!

Me, Mom, Mimi, Christa and Joshua!

On the train ride up to Chicago with Meli, Anna and Mel. We were FREEZING! :-)

Peach Pickin' with the Bandys!

Our two families were interviewed by the BBC for a large family program they're having! It was quite the experience!

My amazing grandmother took Tiff, Mel and I to Chicago for the day by train! It was SO wonderful! Not only did we get to spend rare time with her, but we got to go shopping, see the sights, and just laugh, talk and have a good time! Thank you, Mimi! Love you!

The Bandy's came over one night and we had a BLAST (as usual! :))!!

4th of July 2009! It was so much fun!

We sing at a nursing home once a month and afterward we get ice cream. We used to get it at this little place called "Pinky's". Here we are waiting for our ice cream to come out and being our usual goofy selves! :D

The CPC Presbytery meeting will always be remembered fondly. :)
In this picture are the Hector kids, Davis kids, Pickle kids and McDonald kids. :-)

New Years Eve 2007. This was taken in our "shop" which we converted into a ballroom (Christmas lights, sound system and all!)
This is some of the Sanfords, Candlers and us. :-)

Second installment coming soon! Have a blessed week y'all!

In Christ Alone,