Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life has been pretty normal lately. Thankfully the flowers are blooming, the weather is changing to a pleasant degree of warm-ness (most of the time, anyway). Coats, boots and gloves have been put away and have been replaced by short sleeves and fluttery skirts. Flip-flops have found their way onto the bedroom floor (alright, so it's easier to leave them there then in the closet. *grin*) and window let in the careful breeze that fills the room and brightens the entire day. I love it. Love every bit of it.

Sunshine + Warm weather + slight breeze = Bliss.

Absolute bliss. :)

Besides that I've been reading books. Depressing books. Don't ask and don't read them. ;) I've been feeling miserable for days after I finish them and have begun to wonder WHY I read them. Crazy, I know. It appears I'm going into the kids section next time I go to the library to get a nice happy book about a duck that lives at a farm and eats bugs and lives a happy-go-lucky, worry-free, non-depressing life. Ah. Sounds...good. lol. Or not. ;D

I watched the first two episodes of "Little Dorrit". They were lovely. The cast they chose does an extremely pleasing job on their roles- I really liked the actress they chose for Little Dorrit...she was sweet and has this "real" look about her. I love how Masterpiece theater gets actors and actresses who look like *real* people and not like fake-air-brushed super models. Her character was lovely and she made a perfect Amy Dorrit. It was also fun to see some actors and actresses from other BBC films that I recognized. :) So all in all, I'm eagerly looking forward to watching episode 3!

Easter Sunday was beautiful today. Christ not only died for us, but He is also risen! What greater joy can their be?? Aside from a lovely service and wonderful sermon, we went on a walk about the neighborhood that surrounds our Church building. It was rather uneventful, but delightful. Here are a few,

Me, Len and Meli.

That white fence was just too cute to pass up!

My gorgeous friend.
My gorgeous sister.

Tiff looks like she's having WAY too much fun at the park. LOL! (I just love this picture!!) Uhu.

Group picture on the stairs!!

A feet picture. Easter shoes are just too fun to pass up.

Us being goofy. :D

And another goofy one. :D