Tuesday, March 28, 2006

(The above picture is a photo of the McDonald kids on our six week trip around the nation last summer.)

Health report:
My father and mother have been a bit under the weather of late. Mom had a low grade fever last night, but it's gone now. Other than that, everyone's great.

Weather report:
Well, it's raining right now. I like rain when I'm outside, but when I'm inside it's really gloomy. Yesterday was bright and windy (ideal weather, if you asked me!) and hopefully tomorrow will be the same!

This year should be pretty busy (not quite as busy as last year, though)! We'll be making our way to many different states, including Missouri, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan, ect. It should be fun. We're going to try to visit Plymouth Plantation again, as well as the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. And we're going to drop through Boston, and maybe visit a thing or two there. So we're bound to have our plates full.

Last night some of the family (Tiff and I stayed home with the little ones.) went to go see Eight Below over at the theatre. I'm supposed to go see it tonight with Tiffany but I'm still not sure about it. I got mixed reviews. Some dear friends of mine told me it was wonderful, my mom said it was badly acted and not worth seeing, Melissa said it was just plain stupid, and Christa loved it. So if you've seen it, feel free to comment and tell me if I should see it or not! I don't want to waste my money if it's a worthless movie.

So, I guess that's about all that's been happening. More interesting things should start happening soon, or hopefully start happening soon! :) And when they do, I'll fill you in a bit more.


Brandon M. Huber said...

It's okay. My dad and mom and the rest of the little kids loved it. I have mixed feelings about it. The script wasn't very good at all. The acting was so so. It had some good elements to it. The trailer was a lot better than the movie was. Summery, not a bad movie but then again not the best movie ever made.

Jessica McDonald said...

That's actually one of the reasons I wanted to see it, because the trailer looked really good.
Anyway, we're probably not going to see it. I'll probably rent it from the library, so then I won't have to spend my money on it. :D
Thank you for the review!!

Anonymous said...

Where were y'all when the picture was taken??

Haven't seen the movie, sorry, can't help you there!! I know, it's so hard trying to decide whether to spend your money and see a movie or not! There are about six movies that are coming out this summer that I really want to see, but I may have to choose between them. Darn. Tickets are so expensive!

grace f.

Jessica McDonald said...

yeah. I want to see several movies in theatres this year, but can't exactly afford it. :)Oh well, I guess there's always watching it at home (though it's much more exciting on the big screen!).