Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Photos I Promised!!! :)

Above: Emma her tea? :)

Tiffany aka Georgiana Darcy


Grace Bandy aka Louise Willoughby( Willoughby's sister, if he had one that is. and btw, she didn't approve of his actions at all! :D) and Myself aka Henrietta Palmer (Mr. Palmer's sister) :D if he had a sister that is....:D

Oh, and what's our tea party without Prince Charming? And he's...uh...stuffing his face. :)

Grace trying on half of her dress. :D

Mr. Chippy, the cat that adopted us. :)


Your Friend Sierra said...

Ya'll look like you had a blast! I cant wait until tonight!! luv u

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...

Cute and Pretty! (Especially Emma! :-) )

Tayla said...

Thank you for the photos.I love the first one.

Darby said...

Your cat looks exactly like ours! only ours is named G.Kat. Chesterton! You look really good in the pics!

Anne-the-Cat said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I like your cat. :D

Darby Sproul said...

Campbell tagged me on Caleb's blog. Since this is the only blog I ever post on I will answer it here. 5 things in my freezer: 1. ice cream 2. waffles 3. chicken nuggets 4. ground beef 5. butter. 5 things in my closet: 1. dresses 2. shoes 3. knitting bag 4. blankets 5. hats. 5 things in our car: 1. trash 2. church bulletins 3. books 4. hair things 5. car seats 5 things in my wallet: 1. money 2. family pic(to prove to skeptical strangers that we really do have 7 kids)3. chap-stick 4. library card 5. Hobby Lobby gift card. 5 things in my purse: 1.wallet 2.trash 3. deck of cards 4. lip balm 5. pen

Darby Sproul said...

forgot to tag people!! 1. Jessica McDonald 2. Caleb McDonald 3. Sierra Candler 4. Lenna Candler 5. I don't know anyone else in the blogging world. Darby