Saturday, May 12, 2007

Old Fashioned Gentlemen

I know that this has been posted a bunch, but I think it deserves to be posted again. :) I love both of these videos. Lovely, absolutely lovely!



Kieran said...

Some days I think that there are no more gentlemen out there. But on the other hand sometimes having to look harder to find somthing good makes finding the good things more worth having.

Joe McLean said...

Our filter blocks youtube videos :|

Since I moved my blog to my own domain, can you change the link to my old one in your side bar to my new one? It's


Steven said...

Oldfashioned gentleman are not all dissapeared....
There remains a scattered few.
I have three brothers who are....
gentlemen through and through.

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"Evil only multiplies when good men do nothing" -Edmond Burke-