Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day- June 17

It being June 17 (okay, so I'm a day late, I admit it.), and Father's day- I feel that I should not only post about the wonderfullness (from Jessica's 2007 Dictionary ;)) of Dads around the globe (mine in particular!!) but also of what we owe to our parents-and how we should honor them on not only their special days but every day!!
"Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right."
"Honor your Father and Mother..."
Just to name a few. :)
God gave us our parents to train us and bring us up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Even though what they say doesn't always make sense at first- it's still our duty to honor and obey.
Parents are so special. I mean, think about it. Think of what you might be without them. We might not learn about our Heavenly Father-we might not be living the lives we are now. We might not even be here!
On this Fathers Day, I want to let my parents know how much I appreciate them and all that they've done for me and all that they've invested in my life. I hope y'all do the same.

Happy Fathers Day, to Dads everywhere!!

-jessica nicole

p.s Jamestown post coming soon. :) But here's a starter: (my dad speaks on it! wahoo! :D)


Joe McLean said...

Wow, your actually alive! Just teasing =p

I agree, but with the part I quote:
"Parents are so special. I mean, think about it. Think of what you might be without them. We might not learn about our Heavenly Father-we might not be living the lives we are now. We might not even be here!"
Well if we didn't have parents we wouldn't be here, not might. Think about it for a minute =] Hehehe!

Darby Maeve said...

Still you get the point ofwhat she's saying right? Great post Jessica and I know I appreciate and will try to apply all of it to my life. I had such a good time with you in Jamestown and I hope to see you again soon. E-mail me soon! Did you ever find Daniel Deronda and was it any good? Luv you, Darby P.S. Put up pics of JT too!

Elissa said...

My father's day post was a day
late too, so don't feel bad. ;P

Anonymous said...

Hi jessica well before i post some comments i guss i should introduce my self my name is nathan davis i go to the church that your family visted in CA

p.s. i like the post on Farther's Day.. :)

Jessica McDonald said...

Joe, lol. :D

Darby, hey. I'll try to email you soon and post on JT. :) No, I haven't seen DD yet, but we might watch it soon! :) I'll tell you if I do.

Elissa, lol. Yeah, I always seem to post special occasion posts late. lol.

Nathan, hi! Melissa told me about everyone and everything in California, and it sounds like she had a wonderful time at y'all's house. :) It's nice to meet you! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi I have one question for you do you remember the hector family well they told me that you are rether funny to be around is that true? If so cool :)


p.s. My nickname is Goose
See y'all

Darby said...

That is so true! You can't be around Jessica for more than 5 minutes without rolling around on the floor with laughter. :D (at least I can't but I am a very laughy person.) :D How did "Goose" come about?? :D Darby

Jessica McDonald said...

I guess I never really considered myself funny to be around. :) But I do LOVE laughing and enjoying life. It's SO refreshing!! :D And doesn't the Bible say to be 'anxious about nothing'? :D

yeah, Darby, lol, we get pretty 'laughy' when we're around each other!! lol.


Anonymous said...

Well about a year ago I was planing on going in to the Air Force as a fighter piolet so my mom gave me the nickname Goose from the movie Top Gun. But God has led me to the Mission field now and the nickname stayed.

p.s. there's one thing i must tell y'all i'm new to all this bloging thing so sorry if I don't now how to do all those cool little faces.

Joe McLean said...

Quote "yeah, Darby, lol, we get pretty 'laughy' when we're around each other!! lol."
We call those giggle bunnies!

Goose, man that's funny (not funny haha but funny ironic) because I felt the same way, except I wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Navy. After I talked to my dad about it and realized I wasn't cut out for the Navy (It's hard to be a Christian in the military, and especially with the personality I have. My dad doesn't call me "Go with the flow Joe" for nothing =P)I read Through Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliot, wife of Jim Elliot. The book was about Mr. Elliot and his missionary brothers going to Equidor and being martyred. I thought to myself "I want to be like them!". I found out Nate Saint, the pilot, was apart of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). I like the organization and Lord willing want to be apart of it in the next few years.

Speaking of Nate Saint, a friend of mine lives in Nampa, ID, and he says Nate Saints airplane skeleton is there at the MAF headquarters. I thought that was cool =p

Well, since we have something in common and I just wrote up a (semi) long thing about myself, I aught to introduce myself.
Hi, I'm Joe and... yeah ok formality's done.

Sorry for spamming your comments, Jessica. =P


P.S. Some how Blogger is in German. I don't know enough German to understand what it says!
Geben Sie die Zeichen aus dem oben angezeigten Bild ein.

Jessica McDonald said...

Nathan, wow. that's an interesting nickname story. I just got mine cause it was short for my name (my nickname's Jess). :D not too intersting...

Joe, lol. here's some cool german: ish benine berliner. :) Okay, I know I didn't spell that right, but that's how it's sounded out. it's means "I'm a jelly-filled doughnut." :D lol. JFK said that in a speach, he thought he was saying "I'm from Berlin" or something. lol.
anyway, I thought that was pretty funny. :)


Joe McLean said...

Haha! That's hilarious! I've learned a few German words through a Rosetta Stone demo CD we got. Flugzeoug is a fun one, but it just means airplane =p

My nickname is actually Joe. My mom said she never wanted a Joe. She named me Joseph but I say it's to sophisticated for me after the fact that everybody has called me Joe since I was as tall as a cockroach.

Auf Wiedersehen (thats another German word I know =] It means Good Bye. It sound like "all feet are the same"... kinda.)