Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Birthday!

When someone mentions my sister, Christa, a few things come to mind: sister, friend, child of God. So many years of sisterly companionship have passed - we've laughed together and cried together; we've sung crazy songs together-laughing as we sang. We've cleaned together, donning bleach-stained aprons, armed with endust and windex. We've fought and forgiven each other while tears ran down our cheeks.

We've attended weddings together - admiring the bride and looking forward to the day when we too would meet the man of our dreams. I watched, with misty eyes, as she walked down the aisle on my father's arm. I remember her smiling at her knight in shining armor, the man who awaited his beloved bride, my precious sister. I recently rejoiced with her as we discovered she's expecting a baby boy! I've prayed in the peaceful times when I think of her, my sister and friend. I miss her so much!

I pray that on this, her 23rd birthday, that she will experience the joy and wonder of Christ Jesus. That she will be blessed beyond measure now and in the years to come!

Happy Birthday Christa! I love you!


sierra said...

Happy Birthday Christa! :D

Lenna said...

Happy Birthday Christa!!

darby said...

Happy birthday Christa and happy birthday to you Jessica!!

Sierra said...

Oh, ha ha, and you Jessica, happy birthday! :D

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww! Happy Birthday Christa!

Ashton said...

That's right...your birthday was yesterday!

Happy Birthday, Jessica!! :D

*already told Christa happy b-day on facebook* ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...

Thank you Jess, and everyone else! Also, Happy 17th birthday to you too!

BelovedPeace said...

Happy Birthday to Christa! :-)

Oh! Your b-day was the other day too Jess? Happy Birthday! :-)
Love, Amy :O)

A Daughter of Destiny said...

Hello Jessica,

I am a friend of Tayla Maira's. I found you and your sister's blogs through her's. I have enjoyed reading about your happenings. Definite kindred spirits! Your historical reproductions are beautiful! We've read and enjoyed your Mom's book, and have heard wonderful things about your family from the Chancey's. We actually saw your family in Williamsburg, and wanted to say hello, but were racing around on the Jamestown 400 treasure hunt and didn't get another chance...

When I ever saw the "Embrace Yablo" picture I got excited because I knew exactly what it was from. I guess I am a month to late, and others already figured it out, but to see Jordan's films being quoted on other people's blogs made me smile. You can see my connection to him by reading the top post on his blog:
(or, my small claim to fame line "Just Give Him A Chance!" in the "There's Something about Austin" film clip).

So, I just wanted to say that you have done a great job on your blog. You girls are lovely. Keep shining for Jesus! And, have a very happy birthday!

Melissa Thomas
(My brother's blog of our family)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone!!

Melissa, how delightful to meet you!! I must admit, I've read about you and your family on both your brothers blog and Jordan Niednagel's! :) I realized that we have a lot of "mutual friends" (The Bernier's, Paul Caprera and the name a few! :D.
We too saw your family in Williamsburg!!! *grin* What a small world this is!! :D
And my whole family (and many church friends!) has enjoyed "Locksley-Redjack" Films! :) They're hilarious and always brighten our day!! (we constantly quote them! lol.)
By the way, congratulations on your courtship!!!!! :D How exciting! :D
God bless you and yours (and it's great to finally "meet" you!! :))

~Jessica McDonald

P.S. I hope it's alright if I put up a link to y'all's blog? :)

A Daughter of Destiny said...

Wow! Michael's blog was graced with the presence of a Mcdonald! How splendid! We are always amazed when we find out who has viewed its pages ;-). Yes, you may link to it. We would be honored.

We have a large Austin Crowe fan club in our area ;-). The movies that come from Locksley do tend to have the effect of brightening people's days!

Well, I look forward to meeting you someday. We had hoped to go the Film Festival, but had no time left after Jamestown. Jordan is there. He entered a trailer with his friend, and one by himself. Both got accepted. So, we look forward to seeing what happens Saturday!
It was great "meeting" you too! I'll be sure to pop over here and see what you all are up to. The Lord Bless you too!

Melissa Thomas
For the Thomas Family

Joe McLean said...

Hippy Blipday's! When was yours?

BelovedPeace said...

BTW Jess,
I haven't been able to post on my reg. blog, so I am posting on a blogspot blog that you can go to from my profile! :-)
(My other blog won't usually let me post anything but a title! :-( So I am using blogspot until it's fixed! :-)).
Love Ya!
Amy :O)

sierra said...

Jessica, Post about Saturday! I want to see some of the pictures ya'll got! Hopefully I'll see you on Friday! Love ya!

Abigail said...