Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy 19th Birthday to Melissa!!

19 years ago my lovely sister, Melissa came into the world. I'm writing this post to wish her a very happy birthday.

I love you, Moosh! :)

Photo Above: Melissa and I in 2006 enjoying the Texas state flower...Bluebonnets!! :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Photos I Promised!!! :)

Above: Emma Katherine...um...enjoying her tea? :)

Tiffany aka Georgiana Darcy


Grace Bandy aka Louise Willoughby( Willoughby's sister, if he had one that is. and btw, she didn't approve of his actions at all! :D) and Myself aka Henrietta Palmer (Mr. Palmer's sister) :D if he had a sister that is....:D

Oh, and what's our tea party without Prince Charming? And he's...uh...stuffing his face. :)

Grace trying on half of her dress. :D

Mr. Chippy, the cat that adopted us. :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

More snow this week! It's all so beautiful and almost unearthly. Ah! I love snow! :)

What a week this has been! So much has been happening (what's new? :D) in so little time! :)

Well, on Wendsday evening Dad and Caleb went to the annual Patriarch's Meeting with the men at our church, so Mom, Tiff and I put the kids to bed and watched "Emma" (the Gywneth Paltrow version, which Mom had never seen before.). After the movie was over (it was 10:00 or so) we all sat around and read books. Then Mom and Tiff went to bed and Melissa and I were stuck waiting for the men to return...with Grace Bandy! As soon as they got home we all rushed up to bed. :) Mrs. Bandy was so sweet and sent Grace with her waffle maker and waffle batter. So we had a delicious breakfast and then Tiffany and Grace went down to sew Grace's gown (for Liberty Day). That evening we decided to watch "Sense and Sensibility", since Grace had never seen it and the costumes are so gorgeous. The next day Tiff and Grace finished Grace's gown and we all dressed up in costumes, did hair and had a tea party! :) It was a lot of fun. Lol. We all gossiped, and chatted and talked about the latest scandals ("did you hear that Lydia Bennet eloped with a man named Wickham?"). It was a lot of fun and we tea partied the afternoon away. :)
Then Grace left at around 3:00 and we all piled into the car to go to the Neisens house! We had so much fun there! Sarah took me on one of the ponies and we rode all around their property, which was beautiful. It was so exciting! Of course, besides my shoe falling off numerous times, it was absolutly wonderful! And after it got dark we all went inside to eat dinner. After dinner we spent a little more time with the horses (which was quite hilarious, Grace was trying to get the stubborn old thing to go and it wasn't listening to her. :D) we went back in to play "Scattagories" which was also quite funny.
Oh, and I got photos of Grace Bandy's visit (unfortunatly we forgot the camera when we went to the Neisen's house.) which I will post as soon as I get them loaded!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

December Photos

Photos from the month of December.

(back row) Melissa (18), Tiffany (20) with William (15 mos) on her lap, Me (16).
(front row) Caleb (10), Grace (5), Emma (4) and Abigail (8)

Above: Us young people raising our glasses on New Years Eve.

The Telephone Charades line at church today! :)

Melinda Sanford (16), Me (16), Sierra Candler (13) and Susannah Sanford (15)

Sierra and I playing Telephone Charaes today at Church. p.s. what happened to my arms?! :D

Moriah wondering why in the world she's playing such a strange game. :D

Happy 2007!!!

What a month this has been! So many things have been going on in such a short amount of time! I guess the most exciting thing of the month would be our New Years get together.
We had two families from church over (one family, the Candlers have 5 kids and the Sanfords have 14 kids.) and what a time we had! The Sanfords brought 4 or so galloon jugs of sweetened (caffeinated) tea and we drank it ALL! So you can imagine how hyper we all were. :D We had so much fun! We played Mafia, The Greatest Human Chair (which was NOT very succesful...but hilarious!), Four on a Couch, Telephone Charades (of course!) and Darts. Garrison Sanford and Tiffany had a very difficult time trying to get everyone quiet and calmed down. Afterwards, the Dads came down (and Mrs. Sanford) and we sand some Psalms and learned The Day is Past and Gone in parts! It turned out beautiful!
When we ended the singing it was 11:30 or so. We talked and drank yet more tea until 11:55. Then, we all stood in a big circle (only us young people, of course.) holding our glasses of iced tea. At the stroke of midnight we raised our glasses and toasted. We all yelled, "To the New Year!" at the top of our lungs. It was so neat! It was one of the best New Year parties we've ever had, it was a bit sad that fire works are illegal up here, so we couldn't set a big one off at midnight, but the toasting was a lot of fun.

Right now life is a bit more normal, the freezing rain that we have been getting is a little uncomfortable, but we're surviving! :D
Also, a neighbors cat seems to have adopted us....since we've never had a pet before, we not really sure what to do with it. Mom and Tiff dislike it immensely, but, we'll see. ;) I'm not really crazy about cats myself, but I appreciate the fact that they eat mice. :)
I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful new year! Happy 2007!!!

jessica nicole

p.s Photos to follow!!!