Saturday, June 21, 2008

June Hymn Sing/Fathers Day/Christa and Josh's Visit :-)

Hey Y'all!

So I thought I'd share a few photos from the Hymn Sing we have every month at the Degenhart's home (well, half of the hymn sing anyway, the other half meet at the Evans'). And also I added a few photos of Christa and Joshua's visit and our Father's Day celebration on Sunday evening! Enjoy!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

P.S. A Book review post coming soon!!!

Father's Day/Christa and Josh's Visit

This is a photo I took of my adorable nephew. Not only is he adorable, but he's sweet and well mannered as well! :-) Plus he's cuddly, which is absolutely a bonus! *happy sigh* I do so love babies!!!!

Melissa and Christa get a quick photo at work in the kitchen!

(For some reason the below photos turned out small and I can't get them bigger. Ah well. )

The cutest three year old of all time! :-D William holds up the card us kids bought Dad for Father's Day. It was hilarious, it played "Hail To the Chief" when you opened it! Too fun! We were going to get an Indiana Jones one that said something like this: "Outside: Dad you always manage to get us out of tight situations...Inside: (Indiana Jones theme plays) And you even do your own stunts!" But we didn't. :-D I thought it was pretty neat, though. :-D

Dad and Virginia Grace. (Dad got that hat for father's day. Isn't it cool? Gotta love hats in the McDonald family! *grin*)

William displays his smashing black eye. I told him he was a "black eyed pea" and he looked at me funny and said "No I'm not!" :-D Then I told him his black eye was cute and he said "No. It's like a bad guy." lol! He's so cute, he never ceases to brighten my day, that's for sure!
By the way, he got the black eye by accidental being run into with a bus by another child. :-)

Hymn Sing

All the girls at the Hymn Sing "Oo" and "Aa" over Joshua. :-)

The latest addition to the family! :-)

Susanna and I with Joshua, watching everyone set up. (supervising, really.) :-D

The chairs. Tiff's art. :-)

Peter and William look out across the think anyway. :-D

Caleb and Joshua! :-)

Mom says: "What did you say about my sunglasses??" :-D

Gabriel Degenhart did such a good job!! He got up and quoted the Shorter Catechism, question and answers 1-10 all by himself!!

And to close I've included a photo of Geneva Degenhart and Joshua Blanchard. Somehow, they don't look pleased with the situation. Ah well! :-D But aren't they adorable anyway?


Achaia said...


thanks so much for posting all the pictures... joshua is sooo adorable! how long did christa and joshua stay?

in Christ,

Achaia said...

i almost forgot... i love the new heading at the top of your blog! where did you get such a neat picture?


Frazzledsister said...

I have enjoyed seeing your pictures! My family would love to visit your church sometime. Do you have get-togethers after Church on Sunday?

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Achaia, Isn't he too cute?? :-) Christa and Josh are actually still here. They'll be leaving the 11th of July, I believe. And my brother in law will be arriving sometime either this week or next. Too fun!!!

Frazzled Sister, Hello! We would be very glad to have you! We actually have a hymn sing once a month on a Saturday. You can read more about it here, (btw, I went to your profile and it says you are 232 years old?!) :-)

In Christ Alone, Jessica

Frazzledsister said...

Well, I just didn't want to post my real age online, so I chose the Nov. 10th, 1775 instead!
We are planning to visit your church on the 20th of July, and we're looking forward to it.