Saturday, December 06, 2008

Imagine it.

You get in the car making your way to the consistary meeting that happens often. You're a bit confused as to why your sisters insisted that you wear your new white dress and put your hair up. After all, it is just a casual meeting. Isn't it? Oh well. You dress up, add a bit of pearls to finish off the outfit, and put on those opal earrings that were so graciously given to you by your Great Grandmother.

You pull up to the church, get out of the warm car and into the frigid night air. The snow crunches beneath your black ballet flats as you hurry into the church beside your father, brothers, and sister. You make your way down the stairs and through the hall that leads to the strangely dark fellowship hall.

Are they trying to scare us? You wonder, as you realize how quiet it is.

Slowly you step into the room. Immediately the lights flash on and there, before you, are dozens of smiling, loving faces, each mouth announcing "Surprise." Their voices full of laughter and mirth.

You stand still. Perhaps you go numb for a moment, the shock of it all. The blessed, delightful surprise! Then the tears come. Why am I so blessed? You are so, confused, sohappy, and so tearful all at the same moment in time, you utter a timid, "Hello." Tears come and a smile lights up your face, "Hello!"

Hugs follow. Mother is first. You hug her tighly, "Thank you." You choke out, so thankful. So very, very thankful.

Laughter, comes next. You embrace everyone you possibly can, greeting them merrily as you do. Is this really happening? Or am I just dreaming all of this? No, it is very real. The cake is beautiful. The cupcakes are adorable. Everything is decorated to perfection and to top it off, a smile graces every face. Perfection?

What follows is like a dream. Your parents both go up and speak loving wise words to you. Tears? Encouragement from your sister. From your friend. Two letters are read by your mother from two dear friends that live out of state. A slideshow filled with photos of your life. Feasting. Dancing. Laughter.

Joy. Oh, I know there was an abundance of that in my heart.

Love. It filled my heart as I surveyed those around me. Those who had come. So many of my friends.

My family.

Yes, you are correct in your assement. The entire recitation above truly happened to me, last night. I am so humbled and so full of joy!

I wish to thank everyone that blessed me last night, from the depths of my heart! Those who put their hard work into making the evening special, to those who attended, to those who blessed me with gifts, and to those who blessed me with letters of encouragement. Thank you, y'all...for everything.

Did I not say that God is good?

My dear sister, Tiffany, has posted photos on her blog and My beloved Mother has posted the slideshow presentation on her blog, if y'all care to see them.

I pray that each of y'all have a blessed week and that you enjoy the grace and joy of of the Lord more each and every day!

In Christ Alone,


P.S. I should be uploading the photos to my web album soon! *EDIT* Here is the web album!!

My Surprise 18th Birthday Party!

I'm Feeling: Surprised

I'm Feeling: Thankful

I'm Feeling: Loved


Brooke said...

Looks like y'all had alot of fun!!

Ella said...

What a lovely surprise! And I love the pink and brown color scheme of the cake! That is a current favorite of mint.

I can tell you felt blessed. It shows!

Robert L. said...

Sounds nice. I am glad y'all had a good time.
Umm...What was the occasion?

Robert L.

Elissa said...

Oh how lovely, I wish I could have been there to give you a birthday hug Jess darlin'!!!! What a lovely surprise!!! It lookslike y'all had a wonderful time! I love the slideshow your mom has on her blog, you were such an adorable baby/toddler/little girl!!! :D
Love you!!!!!!!!

Courtney said...

What a special blessing!!! You must have enjoyed it so much. Happy Birthday!!
I got your blog through Elissa P. and have really enjoyed reading it. It's such a blessing to know that there are other likeminded girls out there!!
- Courtney

Maiden Meghan said...

How much fun that looks like!
What a wonderful surprise for you, Jessica!!

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...

WISH I WAS THERE!!!!!! :-(

Love you!


Tara Janelle said...

Was it your birthday? That sounds like so much fun! I LOVE parties... and surprise parties are extra fun! I have never been the one getting the surprise, but the planning is tons of fun too!

See you on the 22nd! (Are you coming up just for the day or??)

Ana Smith said...

awww...happy birthday!

I love surprises, my mom didn't know when to stop when I turned 16. I'm glad it was so beautiful for you!


kathryn grace said...

How special! I loved your whole description of the evening. Happy birthday! (you didn't say it was your birthday, but I'm guessing that's what it was for... :-).

Lexie said...

What a great way to celebrate your birthday!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! What a great surprise! I love birthdays, and special ones are the best! Happy Belated Birthday Jess!

Jo-snazz said...

You deserve it, you are such a nice, godly young lady that I don't know who wouldn't want to make your birthday special! Happy Birthday! I love you hope chest and dress!

Bailey said...

How very special!! I almost cried looking through those pictures. :) What a BEAUTIFUL hope chest.


Ella said...

Oh, Jessica, I meant to tell you...but since I don't know if you get my e-mails....I watched I Love Melvin the other day. I had a horrible copy where it was almost washed out....but I greatly enjoyed it! There were so many classic Donald O'Conner moments!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Brooke, It was!!

Robert, Sorry about that! My 18th birthday! :-)

Elissa, I wish you could've been there too! Love you too! *BIG HUG*

Courtney, Thank you! It was truly a blessed birthday!

Meghan, Truly it was!!

Christa, I wish you had been there as well! I CANNOT wait till y'all come for Christmas!!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!

Tara, Yes! My 18th Birthday! We're coming up and staying overnight and leaving on Tuesday! I can't wait!!!!

Ana, Thank you! It was VERY special! *HUGS*

Lexie, It was! :-)

Sara, Thank you! It was truly very special.

Kathryn, Thank you! Yes, that's what it was for! hehe. Sorry about that! I probably should've written that somewhere in the post. lol.

Jo-Snazz, Thank you so much! I too love my hopechest and dress! I feel so blessed!

Bailey, I did too! :-) I've been *praying* for a hopechest and am so thrilled that I receieved one!!!

Ella, have you emailed me? I didn't get any of the emails if you have! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the movie!! It's definitely one of my favorites!

Thank you so much each of you for commenting! God bless!!

In Christ Alone,


kathryn grace said...

So now I'm confused. If you just turned 18, how did you vote in the election?! :-)
I have a pair of opal earrings from my great-grandmother too!