Friday, May 08, 2009

Essay Contest!

My friend, Kathryn is having an essay contest on her website, Maidens of Virtue! I am very pleased to be able to announce this on my blog! Please, go take a look and consider entering!

The first Maidens of Virtue

Essay Contest!

Deadline Extended to May 15th, 2009!

Winners will be announced June 1st.

Click here for details!

5/8 - Prize Page updated

(The first 3 entrants will receive a little gift from Maidens of Virtue!)


Miss Jen said...

How wonderful!!!!
Thank you for informing me about it, Jess!

Love & Hugs,

~Desiree~ said...

Thanks for telling about that I plan to enter it:) I was wondering something else. This Father's Day I am planning to "Give My Heart To My Father":) Like you did, that your mother told about in her book. But I was wondering were you can get a heart. I looked up the site that is in the book. but I could not find it. Also, do you gave any idea to say, yours was written so lovely, but I am not good at writing. If you have any other idea's. please let me now. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica!

I have been looking at your website with much Happiness, there are other Godly girls in this world! You are a beautiful young lady. Thank you for your refreshing blog!! It's such a joy to read!

Blessing in Christ!


The Same Anonymous Dude said...

Wow - this blog has become even more boring than mine!