Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I know what you're thinking. And yes, I know that I have been terrible about blogging. Well if it does any good, I *have* been fairly busy. Well, fairly may be putting it lightly. I have been *very* busy and I'll leave you to guess what I've been busy with. *cough* Okay, so the library has been a very frequented place lately by yours truly. I don't know why (maybe it's the coldness on my part of the earth at this moment in time.) but winter tends to get me reading more then usual. And if you knew how much reading I do *usually* you'd really understand what a big statement that is. *cough again* You anti-bookworms probably can't relate, but books are one of the best things in life. One of the *very* best things. I amore them.

Anyway, moving on. Dad's 50th Birthday was Monday. We had a surprise party for him on the Saturday before that. He was completely sorprendido
(a.k.a. shocked.) and not expecting a bit of it. I love it when we get away with stuff like that. You know? Dad's usually are pretty hard to keep secrets from. But it was successful and we were very happy. I hope we communicated in the party, just a little bit, of how much we love him. He's wonderful.

Sometime before that (Okay, in November.) my sister Tiffany was proposed to by Ben Hector and they are officially engaged to be married. Let me tell you, those of you who've never had a sibling get married, it's one of the strangest and most difficult things. Well, for me anyway. Tiff's my best friend and I'm very contento for her. So join me in wishing her congratulations! :) Or you can just go tell her so yourself on her blog,

So I finally saw "Penelope". I'd always heard people raving about it and I'd never actually gotten around to seeing it when everyone else did. (Maybe I was too busy reading...) But I finally watched it and was very enchanté
. It was adorable and sweet and funny. All that a Chick Flick should be. *smile* So, go watch it if you're like me and haven't yet.

I know that more has happened, but I can't seem to recall much of it at the moment. Well, besides the things I've already told y'all, that is.

In closing, I hope that each of you have a Merry Christmas season. Oh, and I will try and blog more often.

Joyeux Noël,



Bethany said...

I think you have been studying too hard on your languages. :D

Congratulations to your sister!!

--I completely understand your blogging break because books are too good to give up (especially when you can't do anything outside because it's freezing cold!)

Ella said...

I will be writing back to you, Jess, this least I have known that you were alive that way.

Congratulations to Tiffany! I am so very happy for her. But I will be praying for you, though. I have had friends who have had older sisters get married....and it has been hard on them somewhat.

Isn't Penelope cute? I own it and it is one of my favorites. Maybe we could watch it together sometime.

Your dad is not that much younger than my daddy =)

Love you,

tiph said...

Books = <3 of course! I've been failing at reading recently, too busy sewing myself. :(

I've heard about Penelope (I actually have the soundtrack, because Joby Talbot makes lovely music), but haven't seen it yet either! It seems I can never find enough time to watch movies... I always choose reading over television. :D But I will definitely have to see if I can get my hands on it now!

I'm glad you're back on the blogosphere! =D

Amanda Flynn said...

Ahh... you finally saw Penelope! I fell absolutely head over heels for that film the first time I saw it. The story is SO beautiful (no coincidence that "Beauty and the Beast" is my favorite fairy tale) and James McAvoy was fabulous. :)

Now I want to go and watch it again...

Jessica McDonald said...

Bethany, lol. Maybe you're right! *goes to get her English-French dictionary again* :D

Ella- Prayers are very much appreciated. Thank you. *hugs*
Yes, Penelope is adorable! Though I kind of thought that she looked cuter with her pig nose then her regular nose. :D Okay, it's decided. Whoever visits who first we MUST watch that together!
Love you too!! I'll be waiting for that email with much anticipation!!

Tiph, Sewing! My hat is off to you, m'dear! I wish I could make myself sew...*sigh*
Go watch it!! You would love it, I think. One thing that really captured me besides the storyline and actors and what-not, was the brilliance of the *colors* in the movie. Very bright and fascinating. When I think of you I think of bright colors!! <3

Amanda, Yes and I'm SO very glad that I did!! And I agree, James McAvoy WAS fabulous. I didn't care for him too much in "Narnia", but after watching this I was smitten. :D

Thank you for commenting, y'all!

<3, Jess

Tara Janelle said...

WOW! You actually blogged!! I've been wondering what happened to you!

Absolutely loved your song that you did for your dad's party - SOOO CUTE and clever! Too bad we couldn't make it, but still hoping to see you before Liberty Day!

That's so exciting about Tiffany! Congratulations! Do you know if she'll be moving out of state?

I've never seen Penelope and I have no idea what it is about! Glad you enjoyed it though!


Kathryn Grace said...

Yay, a post! I can truly sympathize with not blogging though... sometimes it's just not a priority in my life. :-)
Don't you feel sorry for anti-bookworms?! How much they miss! Some people get themselves to read using one of those new-fangled Kindle things, but I say give me good ol' paper-and-ink books!!
And congratulations to Tiffany! I am so happy for her. Since I am the oldest in my family and I'm still in my teens I haven't experienced having a sibling get married, I can imagine how bittersweet it would be.
I must be out of it or something... never even heard of Penelope!
Are ya'll coming up for the Messiah on Monday??? *hopeful smile*

Elissa said...

Yay! A post!! :)

Oh, yay, you finally watched Penelope! I LOVE that movie!! You're dad's birthday party sounds like it was a blast!! I love surprise parties!

Love you Jess!!


Oh, and Congrats to Ben and Tiff again!!

Hec @ 19 said...

Hooray, Jessica's back! We missed you. There have been nothing but rave reviews about your dad's party. It must have been a highlight of the McD year, and it's obvious that y'all put a great deal of work into it.

Tiff is and will always be very close to your heart. She feels the same way about you. That is apparent in the little things she says about you.

Jessica McDonald said...

Tara, Thank you!! Yes, seeing y'all before Liberty Day is a *must*!! Yes, she'll be moving to California!
You should see it! It's a very enjoyable, clean, chick-flick. :) *hugs back*

Kathryn, yes, I definitely agree. Paper and Ink books are the BEST. I wish we could've gone to the Messiah. *sigh* But we called (because we discovered that's the only way to order the tickets now.) and all the lines were busy for hours. :( Ah well. :( <3

Elissa, I wish you could've been here for the party!!!! Love and miss you, girly!! <3

Mr. H., It definitely was a highlight! The party was absolutely wonderful! Thank you, Mr. H. I miss you and yours!


Joe said...

wow, i didn't know people were still blogging... I thought everyone had gone to Facebook... well, sounds like you're having fun... and yes, Penelope is a really good movie... :P :P