Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"Life is but a quick succession of busy nothings..." - Jane Austen

If I said "life is crazy" at this point, I think it would be an understatement. But, just so you know it's a *good* crazy (for the most part. ;)). Between juggling life, life's changes, cold weather, sick friends, Church events & various other activities one can almost forget to breath.

But I will say, I'm pretty thankful for this afternoon. Yes, if you think about it the day has been stressful (also known as, our well ran out of water *again*.) but it's been quiet as Melissa took the kids out for the day. I was sitting here thinking how thankful I was for the beauty of the day (in spite of the things that have gone wrong, it's been a great day - week & past few months.) and I wondered to myself - why not write a blog post? So anyway, here I am. :)

Do you ever wonder why God blesses us like he does? I don't know about y'all, but I find that my blessings usually come when I least expect them. I *try* to know what's going to happen. I guess, I imagine, I romanticize, but in the end, guess what? God ALWAYS surprises me! I love it, truly. Because, I can't *not* guess & imagine but I want to be surprised (fyi, I love surprises...most of the time. ;)) and God knows this, and he does it every time. :) I'm just so thankful for all the ways he's surprised me with blessings over the years. I certainly don't feel a bit worthy & yet the Lord made the decision to bless me. I praise Him. :)

So with Reformation Day around the corner and no new costumes to wear the future could look very bleak. ;) But with my imaginative mind (*coughcough*) & Melissa's practicality we'll figure SOMETHING out, I'm sure. So if you thought that because Tiff has moved out of the house that the McDonald family will no longer show up to historical events in costume - NEVER FEAR. Nothing could be further from the truth! Who says we can't RE-WEAR old costumes? ;) So, that's decided. Moving on...

Martha Washington has the cleverest quotes. Get this: "The greatest part of our happiness and misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances." I love that. Right now, I have some things I'm struggling with - things that tempt me to be gloomy & worrisome, but that quote gave me such a good perspective on my struggles! I don't have to mope - what can I do to change circumstances? Nothing! So it's time to put a smile on my face and get out there and cheer myself up!! As I always tell my little siblings, "Don't cry over spilled milk!" It's time to trust God, understand that He's got everything under control, seek to learn from your struggles, see what the Lord is trying to teach you and LIVE JOYFULLY.

So yes, life is busy. Life is good. And blessed. And a little stressful. But I'm going to try and make it a point to turn that frown upside down.


Rachel said...

Oh Jessica, I can so relate! But it's always good to hear encouragement (especially from someone who knows what life is like to go through sometimes). Thankfully God IS in control, so we really needn't worry. =)

A smile is always prettier when it's turned right side up. :-)

Tara Janelle said...

RE-WEAR old costumes???? Is that allowed??? just joking! :) I'm sure ya'll will look gorgeous in what ever you wear to Reformation Day! Can't wait to see you then!

Love ya!

P.S. Glad to see you posting again! :)

Simply Tiffany said...

A post! A post!!!! A post!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurray for Jessica! She hasn't forgotten about us! Keep the blog posts coming, m'dear...Ben and I miss you a TON and want to hear things and see pictures every now and then...okay? ;)

Hey, if you would come visit, then I'd make you as many costumes as you'd like!!! :) Or, you could make me a duct tape double of yourself and send me the fabric and that would work too.... :)


And hang in there...the best is yet to be! :)


Jessica McDonald said...

Rachel, you are absolutely right. :)

Tara, who cares about costumes - I get to see YOU! ;D hehe But seriously, it's going to be SO much fun. :) :)

Tiff, lol! I will try. :) I randomly get these moments of inspiration, and if I don't let them pass I usually write a blog post. :D
I know you would. :( *sigh* I'm borrowing an overdress & vest from the Sanford's to wear over my white "Marie Antoinette" dress. It actually looks pretty good. :)