Friday, June 10, 2011

Turkey Fest 2011

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
- Proverbs 17:22

Last night was the annual Turkey Festival in Tremont! Let me tell you, nothing is quite like a small-town carnival!! We were joined by many good friends and we spent the evening riding the rides, eating a few snacks and laughing...a lot. :)

They had a new ride that I have a bunch of pictures of in this post - it was called Nemesis 360°...terrifying, exhilarating and a TON of fun. It went extremely fast and went upside down several times. It was VERY popular with our group. :D

So anyway, without further ado, here are a few snapshots of our amazing evening. :)

Amusement... *grin*

Melissa got this "up high" view of the carnival grounds from the Ferris Wheel!

Big smiles were everywhere...

Emma and Hannah were having a fabulous time. :)

Abigail and Hannah try out the "Orbiter"...

I think the Boat ride freaked them out a bit. ;)

Mom and William take a spin...

Moosh took some amazing pictures while at the carnival!
(all these pictures are courtesy of her...except the self-portrait ones that I took.)

Lenna, Kasey and I right before Kasey and I went for a CRAZY ride on the Zipper!! :D

"Eyzma! Put your hands in the air!"
Lenna and I brave "Nemesis"!

We stayed upside down for a couple seconds before being dropped and spun around....

We decided it would be more epic if we stuck our legs out. :D

Coming back down...

Look closely...I'm screaming. :P

Caleb and Corey...being calm and collected. :D

The Ferris Wheel at night is beautiful. :)

Melissa and I...exhausted and messy, but we had a fabulous time. :)

After much arguing we made Sam get in the picture with us. :D

Moosh and Sierra. :D

Suzanne and Sierra! :D

I think Steven and Sam were talking about throwing up in this picture. :P

A small portion of our group!

And it was a wonderful night. :)



Tara Janelle said...

Woah - I'm quite impressed that ya'll went on those crazy rides - I was always terrified of anything that went upside down. Looks like ya'll had lots of fun though! :)

Meghan said...

Looks like a fun time!! So ready to go to our amusement park in a few weeks! =D

Anthony said...

Looks like so much fun! Carnivals can be lots of fun, but there are some exceptions.:)

Sam you looked great.:)

It is great to have friends to share such fun with. Thanks for sharing Jess, for I wondered what a Turkey Festival was.:/

Anton, Esq. to be

Jessica said...

Tara, I loooove the crazy rides. *grin*

Meghan, Oooo! Now I'm jealous! :D Amusement parks are a TON of fun!!!

Anton, I agree! Do y'all go to many carnivals??
It really was great. But it would've been even more amazing if y'all had been there!!!