Friday, October 05, 2012


Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity of writing for the online magazine, Femnista. Full of film,  TV and book reviews, as well as delving into the complexities of various stories, myths, fairytales and true accounts, Femnista will certainly not disappoint.

I've read the magazine for a while and I've loved to read articles from the various authors that write for it. The topics span everything from superheroes to Kings and Queens of the past and from spaceships to fairies!

So pretty please, take a moment to look and then leave a comment and tell us how we did!

Click to view the full digital publication online
Read Femnista Sept / Oct 2012
Online Publishing from YUDU

And don't forget to look at the other past issues of Femnista!


Charity said...

You're an angel. Thanks for the promotion! =)

Jessica McDonald said...

I'm glad for the opportunity to brag on your fabulous publication. :) :)

Rissi said...

YAY! Seeing this around the blogger world is always fun. :-) So glad you are writing for it, Jessica. :-)

Anonymous said...


It was such a BLAST meeting you this past Sunday - I hope you had as much fun as I did! (And had plenty of pie!)

By the way my dad says hi.

I hope you had a lovely trip back home, and looking forward to seeing you around!


Jessica McDonald said...

Rissi, Yes! I'm so glad to join the "team". :)

Allsion, It was SUCH a delight to meet you! And thank you for commenting! I LOVED chatting with you and visiting for a little while - it was such fun!! Hopefully we'll be able to meet again in the future. :) P.s. I say "Hi" back! lol