Saturday, August 06, 2005

A sad forenight ahead...

My dear sister Tiffany has left us for 2 weeks. I am very heartbroken. She is staying with Matt and Jennie Chancey to help them out a bit with their kids (which is a VERY good cause, if she had left us for any other reason I wouldn't have let her go!). If you want to read about her flight you can go to: . *sigh* It's very gloomy around here without her. I just don't know what I'll do when she gets married and moves away. (Actually, I do know what I'd do...but I won't mention it :D) I miss her so much. We always had the nicest chats together or walks. Just the other day she and I had a nice walk around the before a storm. Is there any felicity in the world supperior to that?! I don't think so.
Well, my Dear brother William is crying so I'd better close.

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Theophania said...'re too kind to your mean, old sister. ;-)

Glad to know I'm missed. I miss you guys too.

Lots of love,