Saturday, December 03, 2005

Reformation Day Party Photos!!!! Part 1

(Above) Two little Angels at the Party!

(Above) Tetzel A.ka. Mr. Oakley, teaching about indulgences.

(Above) Abigail Lorraine McDonald

(below) Samuel and Robert Allison lecturing on weapons!


Hannah Bottom said...

Does the Allison family live at the place where the pictures where taken? I know the Oakleys. They use to come to our church. Do you know who live the Allisons house or is it your house. THe last I knew the Hildebrandt family lived there. I know they that they were in Flordia a lot because of Mrs. Hildebrandts'mother.Did they move down there or do you know? I also knew the family who lived in the house before the Hildebrandts. There were the Wehrly family. THey moved to Ohio about four or five years ago. The Wehrlys and the Hildebrandts both use to come to our church too. my e-mail address is so if you would like to write back. Hannah Bottom

Jessica McDonald said...

Hannah, Hi. No, actually, the Allisons don't live there. The Hildebrandts do live their, actually. No, they haven't moved.
The Oakleys, and Hildebrandts and the Allisons all go to my church. That's cool that you know them.
BTW, I used to go to North Belt Baptist Church, and I heard your Father preach as a guest once! :)