Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Update...

A bit of news...
I'll fill you in a bit on the news from over here.

Well, on Sunday we visited Covenant of Grace Presbyterian church, pastored by Rev. Patterson. Their wonderful church is made up of so many amazing loving people with a passionate love for the Lord. It was so neat to meet them and I'm so glad that I did. After church (around 3:00) we headed over to Rev. Patterson's parents-in-laws home and enjoyed some delicious pancakes for dinner.
Yesterday, we went to the Sinnamon's home (a family from COG Church) and enjoyed a mother/daughter tea, which was very encouraging and very uplifting (oh, and our sweet fathers watched the children!). After the meeting, Melissa and I were able to teach the young ladies how to dance the Virginia Reel, Hunting the Fox, and the Gay Gordan. All of which were extremely fun! I got some pictures of the escapade, but I'll probably post them later, since I'm on the hotel computer right now.
Also, I created a second blog, in which I will only post pictures. The address is, www.jessicasphotoblog.blogspot.com . There are no pictures on it yet, but I hope to get some up soon.

Well, I miss everyone and I can't wait to see my wonderful church family in May! God bless!

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hannah said...

Sounds like you're having wonderful fun Jess! I sure miss you. Hope to hear back from you soon!