Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, William!

I can't believe it. I honestly can't believe it. Where has the time gone?? A special little person turned 3 today. Yes, that's right...William Alexander McDonald.

He's such a joy to the McDonald family!! He nearly always has a smile on his chubby face. He loves laughing, playing cowboys, wearing his gray cap, playing with his siblings, cuddling with his big sisters or parents, "reading" books, and just being a joy!
He's so very, very special to us all. I can't imagine how we ever lived without him! I thank the Lord for blessing me with such a beloved little brother. God is so good!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, William! I love you like crazy!!


P.S. Please join me in wishing William a marvelous birthday!

(All of us McD Kids in Alabama a week and a half after William was born.)

"I shoulda been a cowboy! Shoulda learned to rope and ride..."



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday William! :) I have twin brothers that will be three in July. Jessica, I've been reading your blog (and Tiffany's) for a couple months. Check out mine sometime. It's at:
~Princess S

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday William!!! Jessica! Make him stop growing!!! I remember when we first came to church he was still so little and couldn't even talk! AHH, like you said where has the time gone?!

Ashton said...

Hippy pappy bthuthdth thuthda bthuthdy, William!!

Desiree said...

Happy Birthday! He is growing up.
Also the girls from pricessesindisguise are my good friends.

Elissa said...

Happy belated birthday to William, sorry I haven't commented before Jess, my grandparents are here, and I've been really busy :D