Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our week in a nutshell...

So last week was a pretty busy one for the McDonald family.
On Sunday we had a wonderful time of fellowship long after Church was over, as many families decided to stay a bit later! *joy*
Then on Monday our dear friends the Evans' invited us over to their home for dinner.
Then on Saturday the Cave's (Jared's family) arrived at our home to spend the weekend with us. And to top it all off, on Saturday we also had our monthly Hymn Sing! :-)
Oh, and somewhere in the week we finally got around to finishing our Kitchen table. Dad, Caleb, Mel and I went out to sand and stain it. It looks SO much better now! *yay*

So all in all, it was a busy but exhilarating week (and I do so love to be busy with company!).
As it would take far too long to type up the joys of the week, I'll give you some photos instead. :-)

In Christ Alone,


Emma and William sporting there cowboy gettups. :)

Mel, Caleb and I with Samuel, Jacob and Grace. I know what you're thinking...but hey, we always act like we're nuts when we're with the Evans'...not sure how or why that happens...it just does. Or maybe we're just naturally nuts? You decide. :-D LOL.

Chatting with the Evans'.

Don't we all look so interested? LOL. (we actually were interested, contrary to popular opinion...LOL)

Jared and Tiff chatting in the Evans' living room.

In the Evans' kitchen (trying to decide if we should actually DO the dishes. LOL). Melissa, Jacob and Samuel.

What cute little girls we have at Church!! :)

Two lovely young girls at Church (Elana and Rebecca)! *hugs*

Trying to get organized for a photo. I love Becca in this picture (the one shooting Peter). TOO funny! :-D

The "girls" on the stage...well, excluding William...doesn't he look adorable trying to cross his legs? :-D

Peter, Jeremy and Garrison. And no, they don't normally go around hugging each other, but they weren't exactly acting "normal" that afternoon. LOL.

Dad, Mom and Mr. Pudewa after dinner.

Tiff and Jared at Church.

Those who stayed for Catechism Class

The "stuff" we used to refinish the kitchen table!

Dad, Caleb and Jared during the day worked on sanding down the table.

Caleb, Dad and I after we finished for the evening.

Some members of the Cave family (all that came).

Melissa, myself and Jared.

Dad and Mr. and Mrs. Cave on the deck.

Sailing! :-)

Tiff and I as we sail off with Jared and Mylydia.

Tilly, Judah and Abigail enjoying the view.

Tiff and Jared (again). :)


Jesi said...

wow! I am the first to comment!
Had we left church already when y'all *grin* took the picture of you girls on the stage thingy?
Looks like you had an interesting time at the Evans's... :)

We watched Peter Pan! It was really good!!!!
See ya Sunday!

Ashton said...

LO...er, I mean... *polite gentlemanly laugh*

That's quite the picture of Melissa and Sam...

Achaia said...

Thanks for all the good pictures, Jessica!! We just got home from a spring break vacation to Texas, so I had to "catch up" on all the posts you'd done while we were gone! By the way, have you ever seen the "Love Comes Softly" movies? We've just recently been seeing them... they're super!!!


PS We're giving away one of our bags on our blog right now! You can sign up at www.mariemadelinestudio.typepad.com

Anonymous said...


Do Garrison and I ever act normal?

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Jesi, yeah. It was around 5:30 when we got that photo. And I'm so glad that you enjoyed PP!! I LOVE that movie! :-D See you Sunday!

Ashton, LOL. Isn't it? :D

Achaia, I've seen some of the Love Comes Softly movies...I must admit that I didn't like them very much...but then Michael Landon Jr. isn't one of my favorite directors either. :)

Anonymous (aka Jeremy? :))- Good question. :D LOL. I must say that you don't. I didn't want to totally expose y'all's "weirdness" so as you probably noticed I withheld the stranger ones (jumping over each other?). :D LOL.

In Christ Alone,


Elissa said...

LOL, great pictures Jess! Looks like a really fun week! I can't wait to meet everybody at your church, y'all look like so much fun :D :D

Achaia said...

Actually, I've never seen anything else done by Michael Landon Jr... is he not a very good director?

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elissa, I can't wait for you to come either!!!! We'll have SO much fun!!! :-D Love you!

Achaia, I've only seen the "Love" series directed by him and didn't like them...though he did an alright job on "The Last Sin Eater" (a good movie, just very low budget). LOL. I guess I just don't like the "Love" series. :-) But then, I'm a pretty picky movie person. :-D

In Christ Alone, Jessica

The Black Knight said...

"we always act like we're nuts when we're with the Evans'...not sure how or why that happens...it just does. "

WE ????

Anonymous said...

You just think that we're weird because you don't see us in our natural habitat.

(Note that I did not specify where our natural habitat is. I'll let you debate over whether that is in an asylum or sitting on a pile of sun-bleached camel bones in the sahara desert...)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Black Knight,

That depends on how you define the word "we". "We" could mean the McDonald family behaves like we're nuts around the Evans family or "We" could possibly mean the Evans family acts like they're nuts around the McDonald family...except that I'm the one who said it, so we'll rule that one out, or "we" could mean a general group of people that goes to the Evans house not specific to the members of this nutty party. "We" also could be defined as a nominative plural of "I". Or it could be that the writer has multiple personalities (generally defined as MP). And last but not least, "we" could mean "the Royal we" (generally used by a sovereign, or by other high officials). And as I am Lady Jane Grey, former queen of England.....
Yes, we do act like nuts. :-D


No need for a debate!Your natural habitat is definitely an Asylum...ahem, Sanitarium. :-D Glad they let y'all out on leave for Church. :-D Is that why each of y'all have those tracking devices on your ankles? :-D LOL!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

The Black Knight said...

I was thinking that we should refer to those in the wierd pictures....uninclusive of the Evans' and Mcdonald Family members not in the picture.

The same Anonomous Dude said...

Ouch, that one hurt.

Genuises are so underappreciated in this church. "Et Tu Brutus? Then fall, Caeser!!"

True, I am the guy who learned one of the basic rules of life today. Never open your mouth while operating a weedeater.

Also, my doctoral thesis is going to be that Garrison and I are actually Identical Twins, and were separated at birth .

Important business done, I'll go congratulate my fellow Ron Paul supporter.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

black knight, hmmm...I think I have a guess of who you are now... :-D

Jeremy, LOL! Wow, if you and Garrison were separated at birth which family do y'all belong to? Either poor Emily or poor Melinda. LOL! :-D

In Christ Alone, Jessica