Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Gun Shoot

So today the Evans had their yearly (or is it more often then that? I forget...) "Rifle Shoot" or "Gun Shoot" whatever you happen to call it. I call it the latter.
Anyways, though you couldn't have paid me to shoot (well, we might have been able to negotiate.) I had quite an exciting time watching the others shoot along with some of the other girls (and some boys) who sat out. We tried plugging in the iPod and playing music while we sat on the sidelines, but the boys firmly insisted that they couldn't concentrate with such music playing. Ah well. :)
Oh, and I thought I'd also mention that it was FREEZING outside. I think the weather gage said it was 48 degrees. I brought a sweater. That is all. As so happens Lenna also brought only a sweater. The easy solution? A...certain person at our Church lent us his jacket which fit both Lenna and I at the same time. So Lenna and I walked today. It was pretty hilarious. But we were quite warm. :)

'Twas a lovely day. God is so very good!

So here's the photos that generally come with every post. Hope y'all enjoy them. :)

In Christ Alone, Jessica

P.S. Photos are courtesy of Tiffany, Melissa, Grace Evans and Melinda Sanford! :)

Two of the sweetest girls in the world. *hugs*
Melinda and Melissa (Or Mel and Mel...sounds quite nice. *smile*)

Mr. Candler

Guess who's head you see the back of. And guess who's in the window. :)

Samuel and Stephen getting ready to shoot. Or is that taking a break?
HaHa! Love Sam's face... :-D

The few...the happy few...the band of brothers...*grin*
In a nutshelll....those who did not participate in the shoot. Well, a few of us anyway.
Ashton, Jared, Tiff, Emma Melinda, Grace E., Myself, Ashly and Jesi.

Meet Navy Seal trainer- uh- Captain Jessica McDonald United yeah... :-D LOL.
I figured that I'd start a new trend and where these goggles around. Or not. :D

And here's another Navy Seal- uh- _____ Josiah Candler. (Not sure what rank- you decide). I think those goggles look better on a boy. HeHe.

John Creath won the prize!

Grace Evans laughing at Lenna and I together wearing Garr's jacket.

Don't they look thrilled?!
The Onlookers. :D

Melinda looking simply *adorable*. I've decided to nickname her Giselle. :)

The 37 people who competed in the Rifle Shoot. They all did a wonderful job!

Not sure what's happening in this picture...

Ashly and I. Don't ask. :)

Whitney and John III, her adorable baby.

Peter Sanford gets ready to shoot.

The Judges?

Sierra and Sarah shooting.



:D (sorry, I couldn't resist...)

Mr. Sanford getting ready to shoot! :)


Mr. Pittenger shooting.

Caleb...the cutest shooter out there. :)

An adorable Cara surveys the competitors.


Elissa said...

I'm glad to see from your pictures I'm not the only girl who wears skirts and loves to shoot! I thought I was pretty much alone, lol! Looks like tons of fun!!! (besides the cold!)

deusprimus said...

Private Hector reporting for duty Captain! **Salutes Smartly**

What delightful fun!!!!! Emil and I were talking about this event today. It is nice to see some pictures to go along with his descriptions.

The two person jacket is quite amusing. Maybe you could start selling those as a business...

You got one of the bonus quotes!!!! I am so happy! I was beginning to think that nary a soul would recognize them, and you come along and know my favorite of the three. Can you not picture the surging crowd? Feel their seething anger? Hear the murmuring? Gives me chills just to think about it!

Stay warm! We'll try and bring a bit of CA sunshine when we come!



John Creath said...

"John Creath ONE the prize!"

Come on homeschoolers! :)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elissa, it was a bunch of fun. Wish you could've been there!!!!

Ben, LOL! Yeah, I was thinking I'd start a business..."Jessica and Co." sounds...catchy? :-D
Phew! I'm glad that I got that right...I wasn't too sure, I thought for a second it was "A Tale of Two Cities" but then the other quote was DEFINITELY that so I didn't think you'd have two of the same book in there. :D
YES! Please do bring some sunshine down here!! :D

John...*clears throat nervously*! What can I say? :D I know!! I have an was in the evening when I did it and I'd had nothing to eat all day save brownies and pretzels. Brownies and pretzels in great quantities do that to you. Seriously. :D So that's my excuse. LOL!!!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you need to tell about the cellphone insident.

Anyway great pictures.


Steven said...

Just so you know, it's Steven, not Stephen

The Same Anonomous Dude... said...

How come you and Lena don't get made fun of when you share a jacket, yet if any two guys (no names) did the same thing, Y'all would torture us unmercifully??

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ashly...maybe I will...sometime. :-D See you Sunday!! Love you!

Steven, Sorry about that. :)

Anony, for the same reason that girls can dance together and it be thought nothing of and guys cannot. I'm not really sure why...hmmm....interesting.
But you're right. We would torture y'all mercilessly. :D

In Christ Alone,


Joy said...

HI Jessica!
I'm looking forwards to seeing you next week!
I love your pictures!
Mom said thank you for the happy birthday wishes. (She said it a while ago, but I just never got around to leaving you a comment)
Yeah, two person jackets are fun! :-D

Anonymous said...

Somehow I didn't seem to make into any of these pictures. :(

lol. I don't really care, it was fun to just be there. :)


BelovedPeace said...

Love the picture of you in the goggles Jess! Too cute! :OD
Love ya!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Joy, we're soooo looking forward to seeing y'all!! *happy grin*

Anna, I think you actually made it into one of them...I'll have to go look through my photo album. :) And I'm quite glad you were able to make it!!!

Amy, thanks. *grin* My Mom didn't recognize me, actually. She saw the photo and said, "Who is that?" :-D LOL! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

In Christ Alone,


The same Anonomous Dude... said...

See, you just proved my point. Guys are discriminated against. Girls can get away with bloody murder and I'm the only one who says "WEIRD!!!"

What's so weird about guys dancing together??