Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shall I compare thee to a summers day?

On Sunday afternoon we headed from Church back to our house along with the Sanford and Degenhart families. We had a wonderful time, visiting, walking, laughing, holding babies (well, one baby, darling little Geneva!!!), and even found some time to watch "Bringing Up Baby" (Cary Grant movies are always fun to watch with friends!). I thought y'all might enjoy a few photos of the evening!
Oh, and the Presbytery meeting is swiftly approaching, so expect a bit of inactivity for a few days as we're preparing for the arrival of our guests. *claps hands excitedly*!! :-D
So, until then...

In Christ Alone,


P.S. The photos below are courtesy of the Sanford family! (Thanks, y'all!)

Melinda, Myself, Emily and Susanna!

Us again. And the only reason I included this photos is I liked the "artistic" feel to it. Doesn't it just *scream* Artistic? :-)

Our neighbor rode by on his horse and the kids asked to pet it.

Tiff and Jared walking a bit behind and chatting.

Hannah, Adrianna, Rebekah, Victoria and Melissa (with William on her shoulders).

Melinda, Myself and Emily chatting as we walked.

The group shot. As you can see, though, it was getting dark. :)

Way too camel-ish for me. Though it's seriously a horse. Strange resemblance to a camel. Distant cousin? :-D

Our neighbors horses. Aren't they lovely?

Melinda and Emma feeding the horses.


Anonymous said...

How Cute! I LOVE HORSES! It sounds like y'all had a wonderful day!

Nathan said...

Cool, pictures. About a week till we're up there. I can hardly wait.
T.C.C -Goose-

Nathan said...

Goose signing in stop Mission acomplished stop waiting next orders stop T.C.C -Goose-

Elissa said...

Cool pictures Jessica! I absolutely CANNOT CANNOT wait to see you, I'm DYING from excitement!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS AT TOP OF LUNGS AND JUMPS UP AND DOWN 500 TIMES* ok, I feel better now ROFLOL, it's getting late, maybe I'd better go to bed....

Ashton said...

Your blog won't cooperate with my internet...LOL! (it has nothing to do with the Mac!! oh, and you need to download Safari on the y'all's PC's) Let's try this again. Attempt #5 or 6.


Looks like y'all had a great evening! That camel shot is seriously awesome. *grin* And it sounds like the McDonald household will be quite stuffed with CPC'ers. Though methinks we're going to steal some from y'all one evening. ;)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Nathan, neither can we!!! I can't believe it's only 6 days away!!!

Elissa, ditto!!!!! It's just around the corner, and we're going to have SUCH a wonderfully amazing time!!!

Ashton, LOL. You sure it's not the Mac?? :-D Mac's can be QUITE annoying! What's with the "to backspace you must hit the "delete" button" thing?? Aggravating! :-D LOL, oh well! :-D
STEAL SOME OF OUR GUESTS??? Humph! We'll see about that... :-D Who, may I ask? :-D

In Christ Alone,


Ashton said...

Of course it isn't the Mac! There could be no possible reason in your mind to make you think so. And "backspace" and "delete" possess the same basic meaning, it's just that microsoft confused the function so much that now there's anarchy and confusion everywhere. Your comment shows proof to that. ;D It's rather simple: on the Macs, to backspace you hit the delete button; on the windows, to delete you hit the backspace button. The function of the delete key on windows computers really lacks innovation. To even use it, you must move the cursor from the current position where the typing's occuring, taking more time and energy compared to just staying at the current place and hitting the "backspace." Given, the windows "delete" key helps with placing the cursor at the point you want to begin taking out characters, but then you have go figure out how much needs "deleted." Compared to the "delete" function of the Mac, where you already are at the fin of the characters needing deleted, I guess giving evidence to the phrase, the end justifies the means. *grins* I'll end my rant now.

You want me to tell you which guests?'s a surprise. *halo*

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said... LOL! I guess I have no defense for that. :-D LOL! You win! :-D
NOT TELL US?? WELL, I'll talk to Grace then! Ha! *GREAT BIG GRIN* See y'all tomorrow! :)

In Christ Alone, Jess

The same anonomous Dude... said...

I guess I'm just too ugly too be put on your blog. (sigh) Such are the life trials of a poor, underappreciated musician.