Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A bit amusing...

I received the most hilarious Valentine on the 14th that I thought I'd share with y'all.

Here is what it said:

"Jessica Dear, Though your love of singing is loveable, you cannot stop singing. You could join the opera and sing as loud as you want!

Just kidding. I would miss you. :-) Love, Abigail"

I think it's a hint for me to cut back on the singing. LOL! What kind of funny things have your younger siblings told you?

Oh, and a post with photos is coming soon. :-)

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Ella said...

Since I don't have siblings much younger than I am (at least not yet) I don't get those cute cards and such. But Lord willing, when our adoption goes through, I will.

Oh, yes, did you ever get that e-mail I sent you. Since it could have come in under "Gabrielle Gardner" it maybe went into spam =) Anyway, just curious.....

Elissa said...

HAHAHA, that is SOOO funny!!! My little brother said that he was going to marry me, but that's pretty much the only humourous thing as far as that goes ;)

Bailey said...

:D My dear *little* sister and I were both trying to be so impressive and annoying and wrote down the same lyrics to the same song in hopes of getting the other to laugh. LOL She read her valentine first and told me I'd find hers especially goofy. ;) We laughed all right.

Bethanne said...

I wrote about my own amusing Valentines experience on my blog.

I just love the little one's!

Tara Janelle said...

Aww! That's so cute! Sisters are great!

I don't have any younger siblings, so I guess Kathryn will have to tell you all the funny things I've said to her instead... :-)

Afton said...

lol! I laughed aloud at that one! Abby sure has grown up a lot since I last talked to her. Just thought I'd drop by and say Hi!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ella, I hope the adoption goes well!! Siblings that are very young can be oh-such a blessing (as are any siblings, for that matter!).
No, I didn't get your email! That's odd! I looked in my spam folder and it wasn't there either. :(

Lis, LOL! Yeah, my baby brother tells me that too, though he changes his mind every day and tells us of a new sister he's going to marry. lol!

Bailey, LOL! Doing goofy things is so much fun!! :-D

Bethanne, That was absolutely hilarious!!! :-D

Tara, now I'll just have to coax Kathryn to tell me!! *grin*

Afton, Thank you so much for commenting!! It's been absolutely *forever*!!! She certainly has grown up a lot...and you should see the rest of them! :-) *hugs*

Thank's y'all for sharing!!

In Christ Alone,


The Editrix said...

LOL! Awww. . . :-)

My younger siblings are seemingly constantly teasing me about getting married. I'll be turning eighteen in a bit over a year - which means I'd be legally old enough to marry here in Australia - and they seem to want to me to get married as soon as I turn 18, so that they can be aunties and uncles, or so they say. . . anyway, I have no intention of marrying at age 18, LOL!

But my 7-year-old sister says I'm only allowed to get married if my husband and I move in to the house next door - otherwise she says she'd miss me too much if I lived too far away! So sweet. :-D

Sophie said...

That is so funny! My little sister told me that I could never know how much she loved me! So precious... :o)

I've been following your blog for a while, but have never commented before... I thought that it might be appropriate to make myself known to you! :o) I found your blog through a friend, and have really enjoyed it. My three sisters, mother and I have also been tremendously blessed through your mother's book, Raising Maiden's of Virtue.
Thank you so very much for your encouraging words, and often completely random posts that give me giggles! ;)
I hope your having a lovely Sunday, and have a great week!

In Christ,


E.A.J. said...

I like the new background!

Zara Ross said...

I've tagged you! Please go to my blog for more details.

The Editrix said...

I've given you another award. . . this must be like the 20th blog award I've given you, Jessica. Okay, maybe not that many, but still - I don't if you noticed, but I really like your blog! :P


Sara said...

That's a lovely picture of you on the side! And I love the top part of your blog-Northanger Abbey has easily become one of my favorite Jane Austen films.

Cassie said...


I was looking at your blog and a friend and I were wondering where you found your header design and picture (the one from Nothanger Abbey)?
We were wondering if there were photo sequences from other movies?

Your blog is beautiful!!!

Merilwen said...

Oh, that's so cute. I only have one little brother, and he's not exactly little anymore. But when we were little(he was like three) he told me "Sissy I love you, and if you were pretty enough I would marry you."

Of course I was really mad at the time, but its so funny to remember.

God Bless!

Erin said...

Hey Jessica!

I love your new little "Jessica's favorite quotes" on the sidebar! How fun! I'm a big quotes fanatic, so that's right up my alley! :))

Have a blessed day in our Saviour!

Anonymous said...

I loved the book 'Maidens of virtue'! I did it with my mom two years ago.
I also saw your review in one of the Dragons in our Midst books - great series, although Oracles of Fire disappointed me.
It is really cool to have you in the blogging circle!

p.s. I am going to Vision forum's father-daughter retreat! I can't wait.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elise, LOL! That is hilarious! I wouldn't mind getting married at 18, but I'm not discontent because I'm not, thankfully. :) Life is too short to sit around and complain about not being married. Don't you think?
And thank you for the award! *grin* I appreciate it! I'm so glad that you enjoy my poor little neglected blog! I will *try* desperately to post more!

Sophie, Thank you for introducing yourself!! It's so exciting to see so many girls that have much in common! I'm so glad that you enjoyed my Mom's book. I will let her know!!! Great to meet you!!

EAJ, Thank you. :)

Zara, Thank you. :)

Sarah, Thank you! :) Northanger Abbey is definitely my favorite JA movie and book!!

Cassie, Nice to meet you! I made the blog header myself, actually. And I found the pictures through a google search. :D You might try this site: www.costumersguide.com And go to the page marked "Research". They have a bunch of movie images on there! And thank you. :)

Merilwen, lol! That's hilarious! My little brother usually tells me that he's changed his mind and instead of marrying me is going to marry another of my sisters. lol.
And that is so funny about your resemblance to Miley Cyrus. I saw your picture and I thought you had a picture of Miley up, when I found out it was you by reading your bio I was really surprised! :D Thank you for commenting!

Erin, I'm glad you like the quote thing! I got it off of goodreads.com. I love that website! :)

Earwen, So glad you liked my Mom's book! You didn't like "Oracles of Fire"? I really liked it. I just love Elam and Sapphira. *grin*
Hope you have fun at the Father-Daughter retreat! I've never been but it looks like it might be fun! :)

Thanks y'all so much for commenting! God bless!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

Cassie said...

Thank you Jessica! That site is amazing! I'll defiantly be using it as a picture resource!

You did an amazign job on your header. I really love it.

Love and Blessings!