Friday, February 13, 2009

In preparation...

for Valentine's Day. :-) A hilariously ridiculously amusing video that never ceases to make me laugh:

"Awww! Bless his heart; he needs to be cared for!" LOL!

A new post will be swift in following this one! It's a bit early as of yet but, Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

In Christ Alone,


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Ella said...

You know, Jess, I don't get to celebrate Valentine's, what with my birthday today and Mom and Dad's aniversary on Sunday. It is sad really.

You changed your header again. You have the whole proposal scene =)

Tiph said...

Jessica, that really made me lol. :D
I'm going to go buy myself some chocolate now!

Robert L. said...

What's Valentine's Day?

The Editrix said...

Haha! Funny. Thanks for posting, Jessica!

Elissa said...

HAHAHAHA, that is definately one of my favorites of Daniel's!!! I love the part "yes, it's a cupid with an oozie... isn't that darling my GOODNESS!" hahaha

Happy Valentines day!!!!!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ella, I bet that's frustrating! Like those people who have their birthday's on Christmas. :(
Yes! I changed it! :-D I was kind of getting bored of the previous one and decided a change was needed. I actually have a new one I'm making right now so that should be replacing the current one sometime!
HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!!

Tiph, *grin* That had me really LOL too! :-D That guy is soooo funny!!! :-D

Robert, Haha! :-D

Elise, You're welcome! I love it!!

Elissa, Mine too!! Hehe! I also love his Irish one! What's funny is that my Mom and I were just talking about cupids yesterday and she said something about how cute they are and I said "Aww. Naked babies with weapons of war.." LOL!
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, deary!!!

In Christ Alone,


Miss Serenity said...

LOL!!! Thanks for sharing that. :)

I just found your blog and love it! I'll definetly be back. :)