Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Because nothing says summer like good friends, sunshine, laughter, soft green grass and lazy Sunday afternoons.


*things that I love*

when the sun penetrates your skin causing a delightful feeling of warmness all over.

laying the grass staring up at the sky and thanking God for all His bounteous goodness.

wondering what life will be like 5 years down the road and hoping it holds happiness.

thinking how ridiculously blessed I am and how I don't deserve any of what I have. He is so good to me.

sunglasses. the big kind that look hilarious and when friends tell me how ridiculous I look in them.

singing at the top of my lungs and driving down the highway while Tiff teaches me how to let the wind carry my hand along.

wondering what friends are doing far away and knowing for a fact that I will see them again.

reading a Psalm and feeling the mercy and peace of the Lord pour over my heart and mind.

parents. they're wisdom and how they care enough about me to help me on the road of life. the older I get the more I realize how blessed I am to have them and the more I appreciate they're advice.

sisters. they're godly, gorgeous and galloping with insanity. Because I can't think of any I'd rather have then them.

brothers. because they're crazy and lovable and one of the most amazing things a sister can count herself blessed to have.

music. because nothing says "I'm alive" quite like it.

seeing fireflies dancing above the grass like little stars in the great blanket of darkness called "night."

people. 'cause I do.

babies. when they coo and giggle and cry and cuddle. they're a specialness straight from Jesus to us.

water. 'cause it ripples and runs and flows and just looks plain incredible.

life. it's God's gift to us and I never can tell where it'll take me.

what are some things that you love?


Picture post comin' soon. :)


Sierra Elizabeth said...

I like..no, LOVE all of them Jess! These are the memories that will be remembered forever! Love you!! :)

Elissa said...

What a lovely post Jess!!!!!!! I *LOVE* the pictures of y'all! SO cute! I love everything on you list too...
I don't feel like making a blog post of "things I love" right now, so I'll just post a few of mine here.

sitting on a log with my feet dangling into a noisy stream, thinking atheists and evolutionist are just plain idiots to not realize that there is a great Creator and Designer of this world...

writing the first words of a story... there's nothing quite like imagining the beginning of a new never-before-heard or told story....

friends... God has blessed me with so many amazing and wonderful friends, who laugh, cry, and pray, with me, and not to mentioned be completely insane with me... :)

going outside on an amazingly cold night, with fresh snow on the ground, when moon shines a gorgeous blue on everything, and your breath is taken away, not only by the cold, but by the amazing beauty of it all...

Dancing, and singing at the top of my lungs, to music turned up all the way, when I'm home alone... :D

color... I am so very thankful for the many beautiful colors with which God has filled the world... life would not be the same without color...

laughter... "a day without laughter is a day wasted"... I cannot remember a day in my life that I have not laughed at least once... even on the saddest days of my life, there were always things before or after the saddening incidents that made me laugh... but the laughter of others,- true, joyful laughter,- is one of the sweetest sounds in the world...

Jessica McDonald's smile... it's one of the most beautiful sights in the world... so pure, sweet, and truly joyful...

There are many other things, but I won't bore you with anymore! :)

Wow... that turned out really long.. sorry! :)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Sierra, So glad that you enjoyed them! Love you too!

Elissa, that is perfectly alright. And yours weren't boring at all, I greatly enjoyed reading them! I had to blush at the last one. You are *too* kind, my dear friend. Love you so much! <3


Miss Jen said...

Oh... how CUTE aren't
you girls adorable?!! :)

My loves are~
Period Clothing
Vintage Lace
quill pens... ink and ivory paper
warm summer evenings
My amazing parents
Reading God's Word
Godly Womanhood Books...
and cooking gourmet delights

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

Jean said...

Jessica, How fun.

My favorites (in a non-specific way) - God, Family, Friends. Green grass, the ocean. Dancing & Swimming. Oh yes, traveling of course. There's more, but the list could go on forever. Thanks for helping me appreciate God's glory today!!

BTW You are gorgeous in big glasses!!

Miss y'all very much.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Jen, Thanks. :-)
Oo yes! how could I forget period clothing?? :D

Mrs. H., Traveling is especially wonderful when one gets to see dear friends!! :-) Miss y'all very much too!
Oh, and thank you. :)

Love, Jessica

Bailey said...

Who says you look ridiculous in big sunglasses? You're awesome. ;) I *loved* all those pics - my sisters and I did somethiing like that the other day. LOL

I think my loves are a combination of Elissa's and yours...and I love discussing the deep things with my family...and praying...and reading a good children's book...and babysitting...and laughing so hard over Toddler Daniel. :)

God bless!

Raquel said...

the smell of grass that's just been cut


chocolate milk and hot cocoa

the way Margary says " 'ot co-co"

the feeling that somewhere through that bank of mist, or up those crumbling steps, or on the other side of that nifty fence is a completely different world that I'm on the brink of finding--even though I never quite do

garlic (everything--well, almost everything--is better with garlic)

Probably more, but that's a random sampling, at least. :-)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Bailey, lol. Thanks. :D Some of the young people at our Church like to tease me about how silly I look in them. :D

Raquel, I have to agree! *everything* IS better with garlic!! :D And LOTS of it! *grin*

God bless!

Love, Jessica

Elissa said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, that you look TOTALLY adorable in your glasses!!! But, I guess I'm a bit biased, as I have two pairs of them!! I just had a white pair that were super cute, but then I saw some black ones yesterday (almost exactly like yours) and I HAD to get them! :D

"Some of the young people at our Church like to tease me about how silly I look in them."...
meaning *cough* Jeremy? *cough*... ;)


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

thank you! ah yes! gotta have black and white ones! :D
Hehe. If only! Amazingly, he doesn't. But Peter Sanford tends to do it often. :)

miss you!


Elissa said...

Really? I'm shocked... :)

Sorry Jeremy.

www.timothydeanmills.com said...

What a fun list! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful things in your world!