Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peach Pickin with the Bandys!

Hello y'all. Here I am again, with pictures too! :)

The Bandy family kindly invited us to go Peach Picking with them in a sort of nearby Orchard. It was a beautiful day to spend outdoors and the sky was a bright blue, some fluffy clouds and happy, smiling faces were below it! :)

We left the house at around 8:00am and arrived at 9:20-ish. We left immediately for the orchard and spent a good hour or two picking bushels of peaches. (Few bugs! Woo!) After we picked them and loaded everyone into the three cars we'd brought, Ashton, Emil, Grace, Caleb and I decided that some crazy music, unrolled windows, open sun roof and arm waving was in order. We spent the hour drive back to their house singing and dancing. It was hilarious. :)
We arrived back at their house where a lovely meal was prepared and we enjoyed a bit of fellowship and food. After a short game of "Truth or Dare" (which had everyone laughing!) we took a walk before going home.
It was a delightful time spent with dear friends and we are so thankful to the Bandys for their kind hospitality! Thanks, y'all!

And now for the pictures. :)

Handing out the cartons to fill with peaches!

William enjoyed picking the peaches!

So did Dad!

The little girls were pretty excited and worked hard to get those peaches perfectly picked. :)

Caleb takes a bite! The juiciest peaches any of us had ever tasted. Truly.

William preferred picking them to eating them.
He thought the fuzz on the outside was gross. Silly boy. :)

It looks like Caleb found a bug on one of the peaches and is showing it to Ashton. :D

We thought we'd start a band and call ourselves "The Peaches". :D
Ashton kept telling us we looked "peachy". :D

"i'm movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches..." :)

Ashton helping the farmer load up the truck.
Is that a knife I see on the guy's belt? *gasp* ;)

What could Mel have found in the peach tree?

Ashton pretty much loved his peach.
To death.
Or to stomach.
Whichever you prefer.

Emil sporting a peach.

I found all these peaches. They were so big and pretty.
They called me the peach queen. See that look of overwhelming humility at such a title being bestowed upon me?

Emil began sprouting peaches out his ears. Or maybe they're just big earrings?

"Is that a beetle on my arm?!"


The truck loaded with some delicious peaches.

We decided to make Emil our slave.
We made him pick peaches for us.
*evil laugh*

(not really.)

The farmer started handing out wipes for our stick hands.
Great guy!

My parents.
Don't they just scream "Country" people?
I love it!

Mr. and Mrs. Bandy looking pretty cute too. :)

The younger girls with big smiles!!

"I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor..."
Doesn't he just look picture perfect on there?

Emil wonders why in the world there's a thing of folgers coffee on the tractor...?

Don't we look like naturals?
I'm telling you, I love being a country girl! :)

There is just something wrong with that picture...

Go Naomi! Go!

Having wayyyy too much fun bein' in the country. I love it!!

How many people can you sqoosh on a tractor? A lot!

"Look! We can balance!!"

To quote Edna Mode, "Kisses, Darling."

I think that the farmer's son thought we were tourists or something.
He looks a little freaked out over there.

My oh-so-adorable-country-lovin-farm-lovin-tractor-lovin baby brother.
Can you resist those irresistible eyes? :)

They look kinda small-ish to be on such big-ish machines, don't they?

"Drive, Baby!"

Chug-a-lug-a-lug 5 miles an hour, Em!

And farewell, Bandy family!
*waves back*

One can't have a proper post without an always adorable picture of my little brother.

Have a blessed and wonderful week!

In Christ Alone,


Emil Bandy said...

Wow... now that was fun :D

We sooo need to do that again!!! (especially the driving part :D )

Hec @ 19 said...

That's a lot of peaches!! Will there be a canning post to follow this one? #34 is my pick for best photo. We weren't there and that's the pits!

Elissa said...

*SIGH* what fun!! Now I want to go peach picking!!!
Peaches definitely my favorite fruit!!

Y'all look like you were having WAY too much fun (especially without me, no fair)! :D

Thanks for sharing pictures Jess!!!!!


Ashton said...

We're glad all y'all were able to come with us! Yes indeedy...yesterday was rather fun; we've gotta do it again sometime. Soon, preferably. But we'll have to find a different produce to pick since peaches have such a small time frame of peachy goodness...

And you need to faint before a grocery cart since you decided to trip over yourself yesterday. ;)

I echo Emil on the driving part...hehe...before yesterday, the music had never been that loud in the Honda. *grin*

Ashton said...

On second thought, here's the full can ignore the link above. :D

Bailey said...

Will "The Peaches" tour Wisconsin any time soon??

LOL I so enjoyed reading this post!

Chris said...

"Big Green Tractor" is one awesome song, perhaps my current favorite :).

Great pics, looks like tons of fun!

Tara Janelle said...

Whoa, that's a LOT of peaches! Don't think I've ever gone peach picking (wouldn't be quite so fun for me since I'm allergic and therefore couldn't eat them) but sure looks like you all had a great time!

Dancing in the car??? Tee Hee - never tried that!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Emil- Yes, it was! And I completely agree - we should do it again soon!

Mr. H., We're actually not going to can them as we haven't learned how yet. But we're cutting them up and freezing them...maybe we'll have pictures of that!!

Lis, Peaches are one of my favorites too! I wish you could've been there! :) Someday... ;)

Ashton, Haha. I did a very good job fainting, thank you very much! I'd like to see you do better!
lol. Loud music is the best kind. :D Haha...that song is great. Grace, Caleb and my dance moves to it were incredible. :D

Bailey, I wish!! :D But unfortunately we only perform locally...and usually in a vehicle of some type. So maybe if you drive through you'll see us! :D lol!

Chris, How funny! It's one of my new favorites too. That guy has some real talent.

Tara, It was a LOT of peaches!! Yummy, but one wonders if we might be all "peached" out by the time next year rolls around! lol!
It's quite interesting to watch. :D You should try it sometime! :D

Thanks y'all very much for commenting. Have a lovely week!!!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

Miss Jen said...

Lovely, Jess! :)
Gotta love the last pic of William! :)
Too CUTE!!! Oh... yes I don't know if you
noticed but I became his fan on facebook. *smiles*
Hope to meet you all in person someday,
Lord willing!!! :) *hugs*

Love!~ Jen

Jean said...

What a grand time! I really like the John Deere Pic, especially 333 & #36. Too cute. Sure do miss y'all.

Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Jen, isn't he a cutie?? Glad you became a fan!! :D

Mrs. H., Wish y'all had been here! Each of you would've loved that place!! Miss y'all awful lot.

Love, Jess

{Camille} said...

Oooh! Peaches! We recently got a huge box of Georgia peaches from some friends who came up this way....LOVE 'EM!!

And I totally agree with you and Chris...."Big Green Tractor" is a really awesome song.

I think I'll go eat a peach! :D


The Same Anonymous Dude said...

That picture of Ashton with "his" peach is utterly priceless... I died laughing!