Sunday, August 30, 2009

Church Picnic 2009

This past weekend we had our first (to-be-annual, I believe.) Church Picnic! It consisted of Providence Church, a Church in Elk Grove, IL, a Church in Harvard, IL and a Church in Troy, MO.

We had an incredible and extremely blessed time catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, enjoying games and activities, laughing, singing, name it! :) It was an absolutely and completely wonderful time.

I wish pictures and words could properly capture the day so that I might share it with y'all...but unfortunately, that is impossible. So my meager captions and photos taken by several different wonderful photographers throughout the day will have to suffice. Enjoy!!

Mr. Candler and Hannah in the 3 legged race. er...something is just not quite saying "three-legged race" to me. ;D I think that the significant height difference created a slight problem. ;)

Dad and Emma! They walked most of the way, which would explain why Emma is still standing!

Mr. and Mrs. Erber doing a fabulous job there! :)

Rebecca and Ben Serven working together!!

Beth and Jonathan Ten Dolle doing the three-legged race!! :)

David and Jeremy...uh...having a fairly good time, I think. :)

Ashton and Grace. :)

Becca doing very well at the egg race!

The two redheads who did not do any of the relays. *shakes head* Shame on y'all! ;)

The most embarrassing relay of all. Who invents these games anyway? ;)

Dad doing the baseball bat challenge!! He was so dizzy!

"Can't the paparazzi at least leave us be while we eat? For crying out loud!"

Your choice. ;)

The Hymn Sing part of the day began!

The younger one's did a beautiful psalm! (William sang a solo. Y'all might say I'm biased, but I'll say it anyway: He. Was. Adorable. ;))

Elita and Hannah Candler presented us with a special song!

Some of us young people doing "It is Well With My Soul".

A boffer war is taking place at one end of the park...

And a baseball game on the other end!!

Let's go, Deacon! Let's go!

The "Harvard" team. :)

The Harvard team's cheerleaders! :)
They did an an amazing job with their cheering!! Though we beat them (*grin*) they were still enthusiastic and wonderful. And they *did* start the ingenious stomping...

The Morton team's Cheerleaders!
And did we yell/scream/stand/stomp/wave our arms about wildly! :D

Mr. Sanford goes for the ball!

Mr. Erber hits the ball!

Aaron gets ready to bat...

And John Creath gets ready to run...

Ethan's up to bat...

And Aaron makes it home!

Both teams decide that even though Harvard beat Morton by ONE point, they will still be friends. ;)

Handing out the awards! The Candler family won 1st place in every relay!!

One of my bestest friends turned 19 this past weekend!! Happy Birthday, Meli!!

Because we're happy to be alive and so thankful to be so blessed! :)


Ella said...

I loved looking at those pictures, Jessica! It looks like all is going well with you and yours.

Your sunglasses are great, by the way ;-)

Kathryn Grace said...

It was SUCH a fun day, thanks for hosting the picnic!! May I ask why you did not mention any of the stomping/screaming/yelling we did?!? Hey, WE came up with the stomping idea!! We admit you won the contest but let's say it was by "one point"... And we'll still be friends. :-)

You're not terribly biased... William. WAS. Adorable. :-) We got it on video and watched it again yesterday!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ella, I'm so glad that you enjoyed them!! Thank you. :)

Kathryn, I am dreadfully sorry! You're right...y'all DID begin the stomping! And y'all cheered pretty loud as well!! :D I'll go fix that!!
SOOOOO glad that y'all could come and it truly was an amazing time!! I wish we all lived closer!!

Love, Jessica

Bailey said...

LOL I love your picture posts!!! It's bound to get me laughing and wistful. Love that last picture...I was so relieved to find that I could still grow up and hop about wildly. ;)

Hec @ 19 said...

Goooood job Melissa!! Way better than Facebook! What races did YOU do???

Miss Jen said...

Oh my.... dear Jess!
Looks like you all had a
simply fabulous time!
Happy Birthday, Melinda!!!!

Love~ Jenny

Bethany said...

You have a strange person reading your blog :) I'm Bailey's sister and I'm extremely shy when it comes to commenting, but then I thought it would be extremely rude if I didn't :)

Picture posts are the most interesting! Especially a lot of photos :) Thanks for sharing.

Your glasses...awesome :P

Kathryn Grace said...

LOL, thank you, Jessica, I feel much better that our church's cheerleading reputation has been restored. :-)
I wish we were closer too! At least we can be pretty sure to see each other at least twice a year, up here for Liberty Day and down there for Reformation Day!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Bailey, I'm so glad!! And the last one is my favorite too. :)

Mr. H., I did ALL of them!! I was very proud of myself. :D The baseball bat one was extremely dizzing. Ugh.

Jen, We did!! :)

Bethany, It's delightful to meet you! :-) I'm pretty partial to picture posts myself. What is it they say? That a "picture is worth a thousand words"? Thank you! :-)

Kathryn, You're welcome!! :D lol! True...true. Of that I am very glad. And presbytery too? *hopeful look*

Jean said...

Fun. Fun. Fun. I enjoyed the pics a great deal. Still have to say, my fav is the one of y'all on Tiff's blog. Too cute!

I so wish we could have been there.
Happy BDay to Mellie!

Miss y'all greatly.

Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Mrs. H., It was great fun. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the pictures!! I wish so much that y'all could've been there to enjoy it with us!!

Miss you so very, very much.

Love and Hugs, Jessica