Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peach Pickin with the Bandys!

Hello y'all. Here I am again, with pictures too! :)

The Bandy family kindly invited us to go Peach Picking with them in a sort of nearby Orchard. It was a beautiful day to spend outdoors and the sky was a bright blue, some fluffy clouds and happy, smiling faces were below it! :)

We left the house at around 8:00am and arrived at 9:20-ish. We left immediately for the orchard and spent a good hour or two picking bushels of peaches. (Few bugs! Woo!) After we picked them and loaded everyone into the three cars we'd brought, Ashton, Emil, Grace, Caleb and I decided that some crazy music, unrolled windows, open sun roof and arm waving was in order. We spent the hour drive back to their house singing and dancing. It was hilarious. :)
We arrived back at their house where a lovely meal was prepared and we enjoyed a bit of fellowship and food. After a short game of "Truth or Dare" (which had everyone laughing!) we took a walk before going home.
It was a delightful time spent with dear friends and we are so thankful to the Bandys for their kind hospitality! Thanks, y'all!

And now for the pictures. :)

Handing out the cartons to fill with peaches!

William enjoyed picking the peaches!

So did Dad!

The little girls were pretty excited and worked hard to get those peaches perfectly picked. :)

Caleb takes a bite! The juiciest peaches any of us had ever tasted. Truly.

William preferred picking them to eating them.
He thought the fuzz on the outside was gross. Silly boy. :)

It looks like Caleb found a bug on one of the peaches and is showing it to Ashton. :D

We thought we'd start a band and call ourselves "The Peaches". :D
Ashton kept telling us we looked "peachy". :D

"i'm movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches..." :)

Ashton helping the farmer load up the truck.
Is that a knife I see on the guy's belt? *gasp* ;)

What could Mel have found in the peach tree?

Ashton pretty much loved his peach.
To death.
Or to stomach.
Whichever you prefer.

Emil sporting a peach.

I found all these peaches. They were so big and pretty.
They called me the peach queen. See that look of overwhelming humility at such a title being bestowed upon me?

Emil began sprouting peaches out his ears. Or maybe they're just big earrings?

"Is that a beetle on my arm?!"


The truck loaded with some delicious peaches.

We decided to make Emil our slave.
We made him pick peaches for us.
*evil laugh*

(not really.)

The farmer started handing out wipes for our stick hands.
Great guy!

My parents.
Don't they just scream "Country" people?
I love it!

Mr. and Mrs. Bandy looking pretty cute too. :)

The younger girls with big smiles!!

"I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor..."
Doesn't he just look picture perfect on there?

Emil wonders why in the world there's a thing of folgers coffee on the tractor...?

Don't we look like naturals?
I'm telling you, I love being a country girl! :)

There is just something wrong with that picture...

Go Naomi! Go!

Having wayyyy too much fun bein' in the country. I love it!!

How many people can you sqoosh on a tractor? A lot!

"Look! We can balance!!"

To quote Edna Mode, "Kisses, Darling."

I think that the farmer's son thought we were tourists or something.
He looks a little freaked out over there.

My oh-so-adorable-country-lovin-farm-lovin-tractor-lovin baby brother.
Can you resist those irresistible eyes? :)

They look kinda small-ish to be on such big-ish machines, don't they?

"Drive, Baby!"

Chug-a-lug-a-lug 5 miles an hour, Em!

And farewell, Bandy family!
*waves back*

One can't have a proper post without an always adorable picture of my little brother.

Have a blessed and wonderful week!

In Christ Alone,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Because nothing says summer like good friends, sunshine, laughter, soft green grass and lazy Sunday afternoons.


*things that I love*

when the sun penetrates your skin causing a delightful feeling of warmness all over.

laying the grass staring up at the sky and thanking God for all His bounteous goodness.

wondering what life will be like 5 years down the road and hoping it holds happiness.

thinking how ridiculously blessed I am and how I don't deserve any of what I have. He is so good to me.

sunglasses. the big kind that look hilarious and when friends tell me how ridiculous I look in them.

singing at the top of my lungs and driving down the highway while Tiff teaches me how to let the wind carry my hand along.

wondering what friends are doing far away and knowing for a fact that I will see them again.

reading a Psalm and feeling the mercy and peace of the Lord pour over my heart and mind.

parents. they're wisdom and how they care enough about me to help me on the road of life. the older I get the more I realize how blessed I am to have them and the more I appreciate they're advice.

sisters. they're godly, gorgeous and galloping with insanity. Because I can't think of any I'd rather have then them.

brothers. because they're crazy and lovable and one of the most amazing things a sister can count herself blessed to have.

music. because nothing says "I'm alive" quite like it.

seeing fireflies dancing above the grass like little stars in the great blanket of darkness called "night."

people. 'cause I do.

babies. when they coo and giggle and cry and cuddle. they're a specialness straight from Jesus to us.

water. 'cause it ripples and runs and flows and just looks plain incredible.

life. it's God's gift to us and I never can tell where it'll take me.

what are some things that you love?


Picture post comin' soon. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Some pictures from days gone by...

Some dear friends of ours inspired me when they put up several series' of posts entitled "Through the Ages" in which they had photos of their family through the years. I was looking through our photo albums with my grandmother, and thought, "Why not do that too?". *grin*

Without further ado...

Here's Moosh and I ready to get Baptized. :-) I'm not really sure what Christa's doing in the baptistry, but I'm sure she had a good reason. :-D

Caleb was one of the cutest babies I'd ever seen. He drooled a lot though. :P :-)

I still, to this day, have no idea as to who is behind those sheets and blankets...

Look at that little patient with her little brother!

Tiff was an elf in a Christmas play.
Doesn't she look cute?

Everyone has there dorky days. Right? :)

...and the guys.
(By the way, that's our Great Grandfather on Dad's side in the middle!)

*happy days are here again* :-)

Tiff and Moosh doing something at this little old fashioned village near our house.

Christa and I with a friend and a cousin at our joint birthday party.
Those were the days...

Got bugs?

I think I'm attempting to get some sandals on his feet in this picture.

Our first house that we's just about done in this picture.
Look at us! We make me laugh just looking at us! :-D

Dad and Me. :-)

Setting up the Christmas tree wears Dad out...

Dad and Mom in front of the Alamo in San Antonio!

Easter with the family!
That's all of us kids (Caleb on up) with our cousins, Lindsay and Kyle at Mimi and Papa's house!

Inside our "still being built" house! :-)

Abigail is born...and our house still isn't finished...

Dad and Caleb soakin' up some sun at Adventure Bay!

Maybe at some point I'll post some more (no promise's there!). Hope y'all enjoyed a little peek into our life!

In Christ Alone,