Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Walk 2011

The weather was BEAUTIFUL yesterday. I mean, really gorgeous. So Melissa and I took the kids out on our annual "the-weather-is-finally-nice-so-let's-go-out" walk (or more simply known as Spring Walk). Anyway, here are a few photos that I took of our escapade. (:



Matthew Hector said...

Great post!!! Looks like you guys had a BLAST! :D Also, your weather looks fabulous! *looks jealous* ;D

btw. I love the sunglasses! :)

Simply Tiffany said...

Ahhh!! I LOVE the pictures, Jess! I love that time of year...when you feel like you could live outside... *sigh* After weeks of GORGEOUS weather, we've had a ton of rain over here, but today it's SUNNY again and warmer. I hope it stays. :)

Oh, and the jumping pictures are way too cute. Especially the last two!