Monday, April 04, 2011

Liberty Day 2011

The ingredients for a lovely Liberty Day 2011 are as follows...

a blue sky

sunshine and smiles

happy children


sweet siblings

biiiiig, goofy grins

a sense of humor

Two Calebs

amazing friends

beautiful music



a fabulous speaker

singing songs of praise

tired little eyes

a fashion show

learning how to march

confederate and yankee friends

enthusiastic conversations

and, of course, something yummy to drink. (:


Tara Janelle said...

Cutest Liberty Day post ever. ;)

Great seeing you!!!!

Meghan said...

What sweet/fun pictures! :)

Kathryn Grace said...

Yay, finally somebody posts about Liberty Day! Hopefully I will have a post up soon on our blog, but the past week was crazy and I didn't have time. You gave a great overview of the day! It was so nice to see you (briefly!).

American Home said...

Loved your post!!

Joy said...

Haha, the back of my head and Kit's shoulder has been immortalized by your blog! :-D And we're in a picture with Dr Morecraft... waddaya know! ;-)
Lol, it was great seeing you that weekend - I wish that I had a chance to talk to you more! :-)

Laura Lee said...

Nothin' like Bolthouse to keep you going!


Laura Lee