Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm feeling especially silly right now.

Nothing much is happening over here of importance. Just the usual things. Oh, and we got back from Alabama finally. We got to see some of our great friends there (the Keen family) which was really cool. I also hurt my foot pretty bad while we were packing up the booth after the conference. Go figure.
The kids have been swimming a lot since we got back. Today I went to my violin lesson and my teacher and I did this really neat duet. That was a ton of fun.
Hmmm. My post needs something else. The question is...what?
I've got it! An interview! Okay, here is an interview with...guess who! My adorable little brother William Alexander McDonald!

So, William, how old are you?
15 months old.

Do you like your family?
Are you kidding? Who wouldn't love a family who kisses, hugs, and holds me all day long? It's so neat! I feel so loved. And all I have to do to make them happy is to say their names for them and give them lots of hugs! It's so cool!

What do you think about people outside of your family? Do you like strangers to hold you?
I don't mind. People with long hair are especially nice, because then I can pull it!!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Laugh, play, eat, watch my sibs do weird things, hang out with the bigger boys and try to be one of them, sleep, get into stuff and pound on the piano.

Thank you William for this delightful conversation. We feel honored to have spoken with you.

Isn't he a doll? Anyway...


Jessica Nicole


Danya said...

I would say that you're very strange, but I'm sure you get that alot, so I won't. But, hey, I'm very strange, too. Aren't we lucky to be part of such an outstanding society as that of the Hexagon Table? I think so. Anyway, AAAAAAAAAAA! YOU FINALLY POSTED ON MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. But, hmmm, about the dream...let's see if I can recal second...just one more it's almost here...actually, i remember it quite clearly, I'm just doing this to annoy you...hmm...lala...Oh, sorry, you probably want me to tell you about it now, don't you? Well, I don't exactly know where we were, but it was a church I didn't recognize, or maybe it was a really big house, I don't know, but I was there and your family was there, and lots of other people were there too, but i didn't know them...and then, we were trying to rescue someone who had been kidnapped...or did you get kidnapped? Well, whatever the case, don't talk to strangers!


Faith said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the email. Hope you get the pictures all right. Anywho, gotta run. Glad to see you all got back safely from you trip.


Jessica McDonald said...

ROFLOL, Danya! That was quite a dream...atleast I wasn't mooing and I wasn't insane...LOL. I miss you a ton...


The Pookie said...

Hey, do you know where I can find some pics of gowns worn during the Scottish Reformation? thanks,


Jessica McDonald said...

I'll check and tell you if I do. I'll have to ask Tiff...


Mallory said...

Hey Jessica, this is Mallory. Remember me? From St. Charles. I love your blog. I've been checking it out since you told me about it. I've just been too busy to comment. That interview with William was so cute. HOw's Grace and Abigail? Talk to you later.

Jessica McDonald said...

Hey Mallory! Of course I remember you!!!! How are you??
Grace and Abby are great...happy as usual! I miss you!


Jessica McDonald said...

Hey Brooke,
you might be able to find some scottish reformation type dresses on They have some pretty neat gowns...
If that doesn't work tell me and I might be able to find something else!
I miss you. (I hope we can get together again that was SO much fun!!!)


Mallory said...

Hey Jessica. I forgot to tell you about the dream I had last week. Actually I didn't forget last night. I typed it two times and lost them, both. Anyway, We went to Florida last week and I wanted to stop at th econvention to see you guys but we didn't have time. I was so upset. *Tear*. Anyway, that night I had a dream about you guys. I was introducing my brother Isaac who is also five to Grace, but it was a little hard to carry on a conversation with her because she was invisible. I guess if I look deep down into my heart, (lol) I can find the true meaning of the dream. I guess what it signified was I was so close but yet too far to seeing you guys again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, at least you weren't tied to a tree mooing. miss you a ton! I need to visit some friends in texas anyway, so maybe I'll just stop by your place on my way. let's see...I'll be able to drive in two years...really a year and a you can expect me then! haha. No, but really, I need to go to Texas. Hmm...I wonder how I can talk my mom into taking me there. I'm sure I'll come up with something.
Keep on mooing!