Friday, August 18, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

Here I am at the conference sitting at out booth doing what most people do best....nothing. :)

Anyway, it's been a pretty uneventful day (for me, atleast). We (meaning Dad, Caleb, James and I) got up at 2:30 this morning to leave for Dallas. We got here sometime this morning (I was too exhasuted to look at the clock.) and here I have been. Fun!! :)



Naomi Joy said...

That is pretty scary.

hannah said...

I can't believe you're in Dallas. And There is no possible way of metting you somewhere for a quick hug. It's shameful, I tell you. Shameful.

*hint, hint* jk

Josh said...

Wow. I guess I have a God-given talent for that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl-
How are ya? How's the family doing? So you guys are moving to IL??? That's awesome. Are you excited? I am prayin for you guys. You're gonna be close to us, haha. ;) That'll be cool! seeya.

God bless,

Faith said...

Well...okay so maybe I jumped...a little. I did get to level two, so I guess I did okay. :) That's awful though! *sticking tongue out* :)

aaron said...

I can't believe you would put that game on your blog. It's an exercise in insanity. I going to lie down and recover.

"The best defense against the atom bomb is not to be there when it goes off"

Talya said...

Gosh Aaron. Are you saying that you do NOT like insainity. *shakes head in dis belief* *kicks self* I of all people should not shake head in disbelif, Oh well*sobs* I guess not all of us can jump up and down all the time.
And ,Jessica, you move!! *sobs once again*

YourAwesomeFriendDanya said...

Hi. I did the "game." ...It took me a few minutes to recover. Cause I didn't realize I had hit the wall of the maze...and then King Charles' Zombie started attacking the computer...well...i have no further comment on my reaction. and you really did to reply to these comments, they're starting to add up.


Jessica McDonald said...

Naomi: Isn't it?
Hannah: *sigh* it is shameful!
Josh: Kind of like your talent for eating fire ants? :)
Kayla: Yeah, a bit excited, I guess.
Faith: LOL. I practically lept across the room...and the weird thing is that I knew it was coming...
Aaron: I'm an insane person so of course I play insane games!
Talya: I know isn't it sad? :(
Danya: That's hilarious. But did you scream??? That's the best reaction ever.


Danya said...

no I did NOT scream. I jumped, but I did not scream.

Faith said...

LOL. Well, Jess, I'll be honest, I didn't scream, hit the screen repeatingly to attack the Zombie, or jump fifty-five feet in the air. But my reaction was similar to yours. My older sister can witness to that because she started laughing when she saw me move so fast. *sigh*

Isn't it insane though? Why do people put themselves through such horror? :) *shrugs*


Anonymous said...

LOL, Jessica you crack me up!!! Let me know y'alls new address and we can write eachother. Sound good?


miss sarah said...

Haha! Very funny. I was just innocently playing along when... BAM!! Some demented specimen of something pops up in my face!! I don't usually scare easily, but that caught me off guard.

BTW,congratulations on your move! May God bless your endeavors to find a new home. Be sure to stop by AL soon!


Jessica McDonald said...

Sarah, yeah, it is a bit disturbing. :D
We miss y'all!