Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What a week. It went by so quickly! We have been doing so much. *sigh* it's great to sit down and post. :)
Well, yesterday was exciting, we ( Christa, Tiffany and I) headed over to the library with all the little ones. Mom dropped us off, and we had a great time exploring and checking out books. I got these two new books that Lois Lowry wrote called Messenger and Gossamer. They were both so interesting. And I liked how in Messenger I finally got to figure out what happened to everyone in The Giver and Gathering Blue (two other books by Lois Lowry). We also checked out an older version of the movie, The Scarlet Pimpernel, which we stayed up till midnight watching last night (and we only got through half of it!). It was funny seeing Ian McKellan in his 20's, I had to stop myself from laughing a bunch of times 'cause I kept on imagining him with a pointy gray hat and a staff. lol. He looked exactly the same, though. Good movie (at least so far, I haven't quite finished it.). My very favorite quotes are "Odd's fish, m'dear!", "Sink me!" and once in the movie when this lady is going on and on about how wonderful the Scarlet Pimpernel is (because no one knows who he is.) she doesn't know that she's talking to the scarlet pimpernel. She says, "The scarlet pimpernel must be an angel in disguise! God bless him...whoever he is!" Then the scarlet pimpernel takes some snuff and says, "Amen!" lol. I got a big kick out of that. :)
ANYWAY, so we got our books, and made a long trek home (Dad and Mom were tied up...not literally...you know what I mean. :D). Oh, and Tiffany got this awesome book from the library with a ton of hairdo's in it. She tried some of them last night on my head. :) Fun!
Well, Dad needs his computer...so....


P.S. The pictures posted below are absolutly random...I just saw them the other day and thought that they were pretty funny...reminds me of some fun times that we've left behind us. (I think they were taken last year.)
To basically tell you what is happening in the photos, we are dancing in the rain. :) You'll probably recognize my older sisters and I. :)

Left to right: Kelsey B, Ben S, and Christa

Me (in the orange shirt), Christa (yellow) and Ben S.

Left to right: Ben S, Nathan H and Micah V

left to right: Kelsey, Me, Nathan (black) dancing with tiff (white sweater), Ben S (blue), Christa (yellow) and Micah (far right)

More people. :)

More peoples.

Left to right: Brandon H (white), Micah (greenish, behind Ben's arm) :)

Tiff and her wild socks. :D spinning with Kelsey and Nathan is on the other side.

More! :)


Danya said...

You did not comment me back. you make me sad. *tear* that was me being sad because you did not comment me back. I like the pictures! um, just so you know what's been going on, i have recorded my first demo CD and i'm leading worship at my church tomorrow. Um, we've done a few more conferences, but nothing too big. Hope everything's cool where you guys are.

luv ya

Jessica McDonald said...

Poor Danya. sorry...but to make you feel better, I'm commenting back to you now. :D I miss you.
That's so awesome! I wish I could hear you sing something...I've only heard you sing 'ball of shame' LOL.
When are you going to send me the story????

Wuv you,


Danya said...

haha. Mallory asked me the same thing. sorry. actually i totally forgot about it. And I think I lost your address. I'll send it to you as soon as I find the address. promise. I think when i record my full CD, I'm gonna put ball of shame on it as a bonus. lol. miss you too. sigh. we should get together. I'll come halfway and you come halfway and we'll meet in the middle somewhere. lol.


Jessica McDonald said...



Micah V. said...

Hey... nice pictures! Is it true you moved to Illinois?