Friday, November 24, 2006

It's Over...

Well, it's over!
And I didn't faint, I didn't cry (well, I almost did.) and I didn't drop down dead. I am very impressed with myself.
But, my sister isn't a McDonald anymore. She won't be doing the dishes on Sunday night, I won't giggle over movies with her anymore, I won't say, "Give William to Christa to watch!" :).

Christa was lovely. The ceremony wasn't very long, only 40 minutes or so and everything went smoothly (thankfully!). The little girls (aka flower girls) had a wonderful time tossing flowers all over the aisle (lots, I assure you.). Tiffany, Melissa and I (the bridesmaids) made the terrible mistake of not eating breakfast...actually, not eating anything all morning. We were all nervous, and we hadn't eaten so you can imagine how we felt. :) But we all ended up fine!
I will try to post photos as soon as I get them. David Price was getting the photos for the wedding but I'm not sure when we'll get them so I'll post them whenever I do.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! :D

~jessica nicole~


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I can't wait to see pictures! Weddings are so cool. :)

Hope y'all are all recovering well!

grace anne

Talya said...

Can Not wait to see pictures.

Talya said...

I'm glad you didn't faint:D

Anonymous said...

Please Post more!!!

Megan Rose said...

I am Glad to hear that the wedding went well. Can't wait to see the pics! Post soon!

Danya said...

I wanna see pictures!

Have you heard from mal in awhile?

Danya <><

Alice said...

Congratulations on another brother, Jessica! Good for you for not crying! I didn't do as well at Hannah's wedding. :-)