Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life's Changes...

I honestly can't believe it! The wedding is only five days away and it seems like it was yesterday that we were little girls dreaming about the day we would get married; laughing about what Prince Charming might look like, the pranks we would play on him, what the colors of our wedding would be...and now it's all coming true.

I thought that the day when one of my dear sisters would be married would be an eternity away. I tried to make myself believe that we would always be together; that nothing would change. We're a family...why should anything be different? We were content.
Now I'm losing a sister. She won't be just down the street either. I won't be able to see her whenever I like because she will be thousands of miles away...

I have to admit, I hate change. I like everything to stay just the same. But I know real life isn't like that at all. And every day, the older I get, it changes more and more. Life is such a difficult thing! I'm going to miss my big sister.


P.S. Now, Tiff, don't you get any silly notions about running off and getting married too!


The Pookie said...

you're making me cry

Danya said...

Oh, Jess! I don't know what the future holds (although sometimes I wish I did) but God does. Run to Him for everything! I hope your big sis has an awesome weding! And I hope you don't feel too upset or lonely...don't think of it as losing a sister, think of it as gaining a brother!


Jessica McDonald said...

Brooke, I'm making me cry too!! I miss you.
Danya, thank you. I'm trying not to feel so's going to be hard, but, with Gods help I should survive. :) I miss you!


Danya said... is hard. I hope you survive. Goodness. If you get this upset when a sister gets married,I wonder how you'll feel at your own weding! haha, jk. Sorry, was that too insensitive? I hope not. Just trying to liven up the mood. Miss you too!

Danya <><

Jessica McDonald said...

yeah, lol. I'm actually really fine about it. Every once in a while I get sad but mostly I do pretty well. :0
lol, I know. I joke to Dad and tell him I'm not getting married in a LONG time after this. :D
that wasn't insensitive at all. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Things must be pretty busy around your house! Make sure and post some pictures ok??