Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wedding Photos Part 2

Photo Courtesy of The Blanchard Family


Sarah said...

oh, Jess, everyone looked so gorgeous! Where did y'all get your dresses??? They're so beautiful!!!
I love all the pics! Thanks for posting them!! :)
miss you!
Sarah L.

Jessica McDonald said...

Sarah, thank you so much. Christa looked so beautiful and we all miss her so very much! :)
We got our dresses from Ebay. :D Isn't that suprising? It shows that you really CAN find stuff on Ebay when you look hard enough. :)
I miss you.
Write me soon!!!


Anonymous said...

*gasps* My tie was crooked?!

Awesome pics! :-D

Ohh, and we're coming to church on Sunday. :-D *everyone cheers for lack of orange lemonade* hehe...

Talya said...

They are even more beautiful than the first.

You found your dresses on Ebay?!They are goegous(sp)!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Jessica!! Were all the bride's maid's dresses different styles, but all blue? My computer has really messed up color, so I can't tell. Me wants to know...:) If so, that's a popular idea. Rachel did something similar with her wedding, but she chose black. It was nice because we all got styles that we liked and looked good on us (dontcha hate it when the dress chosen by the bride only looks good on one of the attendents?), so it worked well.

Lovely pictures!! What a pretty wedding...:)
grace anne

Jessica McDonald said...

Ashton, we can't wait to see y'all!!! :)

Talya, Thank you!

Grace Anne, Yeah, all the dresses were blue. The shades were a tiny bit different but they all cordinated, which was nice. Oh yes, I hate it when only one attendent looks good in the dress! So we all got the style we liked and it worked really well! :D
I don't think I saw a photo of you from Rachel's wedding! Do you have one? :)
Christa said that she talked to Rachel the other day and that Rachel and Wesley are going to visit her in January or something! lucky her...:D


Anonymous said...

Yes I do have some pictures..maybe I will send one some time. Miss you, grace anne

Anonymous said...

would you like me to send the pictures to you? I will be happy to. grace anne