Monday, August 13, 2007

“Many have perished for their faith in Christ. Very few speak of Lady Jane Grey when they speak of Martyrs of the faith. But truly, she perished as nobly as any of those. Jane Grey was never allowed to forget that she was a Tudor, fifth in the royal line of succession after King Henry VIII of England. It was a distant threat however, until Henry died, leaving the throne to his son, Edward VI. But when Edward falls ill, Jane is thrust-at age sixteen-into the political arena, a pawn between violent and greedy men who would make her queen. When these men succeed in their quest of power, and Lady Jane is now Queen Jane, she finds herself in a struggle to do the will of God in the face of those who would manipulate her for their own ends. Hers is a struggle of enduring faith.
Please, I pray you, judge this, our play rightly and look beyond the humble props and allow your imaginations to export you back to the time of Kings, Nobles and of ultimate sacrifice.”

Thus begins our play.

We’d been planning to perform a play of Lady Jane Grey for sometime now (even before we moved to Illinois.) but it never actually came together.
But when my father informed Tiffany and I that he wanted people to do performances (plays, singing, instruments, ect.) for the Reformation Day Celebration that our church is hosting, Tiffany and I jumped at the idea.
So thus it began. After the script was finished and parts were given out practice began. Practicing the play has been very *ahem* interesting. lol. We’ve all enjoyed ourselves very much…so much, in fact, that I asked some people to get photos to post on my blog!

I hope y’all like them!
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Seth Ben-Ezra said...

I will be interested in seeing this come together. I've had a play script kicking around for a couple of years, and I'd love to have the chance to put it on. So, maybe I'll do a little talent scouting at the Reformation Day celebration. :-D

The Pookie said...

She lives!!!!!!!!!

That looks like great fun! Be sure to video it :):):)