Monday, August 13, 2007

Play Practice Photos!

Here's some photos of us practicing for the upcoming Lady Jane Grey play! :)

Lord and Lady Dudley! *awww*

Peter and Samuel...just some innocent bystanders...

Renard (Josiah) and Mary (Melinda) chatting about Mary's betrothed. :)

"When does the Prince...(smile and blush) my betrothed..."

"I cannot make terms with your Grace..."

Wow, Ashton looks totally enthused.

The Director wonders why in the world she agreed to do this in the first place. Oh yeah...she thought of it. hehe

Queen Mary and her lovely attendents.

Okay, Melinda looks way to pleased with me kneeling before

"But I MUST have my crown!" Wails Guilford. LOL. Jon looks so thrillled in that shot! lol.

Emil reading Guilford and Jane's death sentence. I look in that one. lol.

Lord Guilford and Son faithfully reading their scripts (yeah right! lol.).

"It is Mary's crown...I do not want it!"

"It would do well were you to promise not to steal my throne again."

The cast waiting to be called up.
Left to right. Tiff (director), IB (innocent bystander), IB, IB, Josiah (Renard), Garrison (Feckenham), IB, Grace (Lady Dudley), Emil (Henry Grey AND Parliament member), Jon (Guilford Dudley).


Joe McLean said...

Hahaha! I like photo #10! That's pretty funny!

Talya said...

Haha It looks like y'll *had* a lot of fun;I feel for the esteemed director:-D said...

Oh, that looks like sooo much fun! I wish I could be there! ;-)
I'm glad that you liked the award! :-) You certainly deserved it!
Have a great day!

The Starry-eyed Dreamer said...

Oh JESS! It looks terrific! I am possitively GREEN with envy! : D You simply must video tape it, and put it on Youtube or something!
Poor Tiffany! She looks kind of peaked...
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been busy :)
I thought we would never hear from
you again :)

Lenna said...

Jessica, Thank you so much for posting!


Melinda said...

We look like perfeshinals!!
I REALLY like the one where you are down on your knees before me! :) haha *wink*
I can't wait till it is all ready to be preformed. It is going to be a real thriller!

Luv you!! And can't wait till your back with us!