Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Close your eyes and imagine it....

The soft sensation of the breeze on your back... The gentle ripple of water in your ears... The sweet laughter of your little sisters... And The Slipper and the Rose Soundtrack wafting from the CD player...

Ahhh! "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?"

Lazy old day
rolling away
dreaming the day away
don't want to go
now that I'm in the flow
crazy amazing day

One red balloon
floats to the moon
just let it fly away
I only know
that I'm longing to go
back to my lazy day

And how it sings and how it sighs
and how it never stays
And how it rings and how it cries
and how it sails away.. away...away....- Enya, "Lazy Days"

Soooo...Tiff and I donned scarves and sunglasses and headed out to the boat for a little relaxation! :) It was beautiful!
And guess what more???
I have pictures to prove it! Ha! :D

Tiff laughing...probably at me. :D

Abigail, enjoying the ride and looking oh so cute! :)

Okay, so we agreed that with sunglasses on and scarf thing that I look like the modern rendition of Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice! :D Kind of a snobby look! hehe. :)

Tiff looking oh so awesome! :D (if you look behind her you can see a line of green foam stuff on the lake. If you must know, that's algae growing on the top. It's mostly only at the edges though, so it's not TOO bad. ;D) Don't ask me why in the world I just told you that...

Okay, so you caught me posing...something I don't usually do! :D lol.

Virginia Grace looking beautiful!! :) Aren't little sisters wonderful??

And I can't close without an artsy shot of the water! :D Yup, that's our lake water It actually looks gorgeous in that picture (from a personal viewpoint, anyway. :) )!!



sierra elizabeth said...

Hey Jess, I love those pictures, next time we come over I really want to go in the boat, it looks so relaxing! By the way, could you lend me some books that you think I'd like, I really want to get back into reading awesome books. So if you could lend me some, that would be great! Thanks, Love ya!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Sierra, yes you absolutely must come boating next time y'all are over!! It's a ton of fun (if you go at a cooler time of day)!
Sure, I'll email you the titles of some books that I really like! :D

luv you, jess

BelovedPeace said...

Hello Modern Rendition of Caroline Bingley!! (Although I must say you are much much nicer then Miss Bingley!! :-)).
Boating is nice! :-) We have a row boat that we sometimes take out on a lake near us! :-)
Oh! I know that song! :-)
Little sisters are wonderful!! :-)
Have a great day! (And thanks for the comment you left on my blog!! :-)).
Love Ya!
Amy :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi, those are some great pictures. *laughing* I like the posing. Hey, I was woundering were you found the Slipper & the Rose clip with those funning guys? Talk to you soon. -Goose-

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Amy, lol, yeah I was thinking I might make a good Caroline...LOL...NOT I'd probably be a better Lydia Bennet...if I WANTED to that is. :D LOl. And I LOVE boating!! :D

Nathan, hey, I'm guess you mean the two guys dancing around the lake! :D I found it (or rather my friends did) on this guy's blog:
Here's the direct link to the movie clip:
Isn't it hilarious?? we about died laughing over it!! :D Actually, if you check out some of his other movie clips they're pretty funny too! :D


Joe McLean said...

Those guy's videos are really funny! I found out his dad did the

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

yeah! He's HYSTERICAL! Try reading his blog!! :D lol.

BelovedPeace said...

"Amy, lol, yeah I was thinking I might make a good Caroline...LOL...NOT I'd probably be a better Lydia Bennet...if I WANTED to that is. :D LOl. And I LOVE boating!! :D"

(Sorry! I just saw this!).

Hehehe! Lydia??? Is that better? hahaha ;-)
Boating is cool! :-)
Love, Amy :O)