Thursday, September 27, 2007

Melinda, Josiah, Sierra, Lenna, Lily and I + Sugar + late at night = CRAZY FUN! :D

And we have pictures to prove it! And video, but THAT isn't showable! *grin* Okay, so some of the photos turned out a little *ahem* embarrassing, so I cannot reveal them all, but here's a few so that you get the idea. :)

Melinda, Myself and Sierra! :)

Lily, Melinda, Sierra and I! :)

The whole crazy group! :D Josiah, Sierra, Lenna, Lily, myself and Melinda! :)

Don't let the above picture creep you out! We're not REALLY headless! :D lol.

Last of all...the most embarrassing of all! :D Lily (i love the look on your face!), Melinda, Myself, Sierra, Josiah and Lenna's being held by us! :D lol.


Ashton said...

One of the following two situations will occur:

1. The pictures provided by yourself satiates the masses.

2. Since you mentioned an [incriminating] video, everyone starts to chant, "We want the video, we want the video, we want the video."


darby said...

We want the video, we want the video! And btw unless I see said vid I am not convinced that you are as crazy as me and my friends at midnight when we've had sugar. :D Darby

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

LOL. I'm praying that Josiah deleted the video! :D lol!
I don't know, Darby, I tend to be at night with lots of sugar! And Melinda's Angel food cake, slathered in Delicious icing didn't help! :D lol.

Joe McLean said...

We want video, we want video!

Hey, you can't pray selfishly! You have to think of others. What would others want? THE VIDEO! =D

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Remind me to bop you on the head for mentioning a video!!


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

LOL! I don't have that kind of courage!!! :D roflol!

sierra said...

Hey Jess, Why didn't you post the one when Josiah and I are "shooting" everyone else, or the one where we all have our hands up? Or, when we looked like a gang? PLEASE post them, then every one else can see what we were really doing...;) I think you look absolutly beautiful in every picture, so post. :) Love ya, and see ya Sunday! :)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Oh gosh, Sierra, almost all of us look HORRIBLE in the other pictures!! I don't have the heart to post them!! :)

The Pookie said...

Oh, you should do the video! Speaking of videos.... you should check out the video of our road trip back from Colorado! Jason and JC (2 of the 7 of us that went) were in the back seat doing... well... the address is I think, if not, there's a link from my blog.

BTW, I agree, tis absolutely impossible for Jess to look bad in a pic :):)


melinda said...

That was so much fun! We all were so goofy that night!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Brooke Dear, yes, I watched that video! I was laughing hysterically and then I showed it to William and he thought it was so funny!! :D All in all, we really enjoyed it! Are those guys twins???
Oh, and thank you! :) But I think I look horrid in nearly every photo of myself!!!!! :(

Melinda, AGREED! :D