Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chili or Chilly??? (A bit of an odd conversation)

Okay, so in the McDonald home we have this odd habit of sitting in the same building (sometimes on the same couch) and chatting (On Google chat of course. As a friend of mine assured me, Google is slowly taking over the world!). Don't ask me why. It's odd, I know. lol.
Anyway, some of those internet conversations are too funny not to share.

(Warning: This is what happens when you're insane and enjoying it!)

So here's our latest and greatest conversation. LOL. (Oh, and "me" is me. :)

<- the culprits.

The Conversation-(read at your own risk!)

(tis a bit nippy outside)

Tiffany: as in chili?
me: (with a british accent)
Tiffany: with a brit accent
me: yeah
Tiffany: thus the chili
not chilly
me: wait
do you mean
or chili?
'i'm dreaming of a white christmas' sort of
Tiffany: I was wondering if it was chili...instead of chilly...because chili sounds more british
me: LOL
is mexican
Tiffany: like
I meant
it sounds more brit to say chili than chilly
when speaking of the weather
me: you are so odd, Tiff
Tiffany: like I know that....
did that just occur to you?
me: no
've known it for a while
but that's why we get along so well!

P.S. And we still haven't figured out who if it was chilly or chili...


Elissa said...

Rofl! Me and my brother used to do the same thing before he moved out be in same building and have IM conversations)! Those coversations are so fun!!! It's so fun being an insane person. LOL.

Raquel said...

This sounds disturbingly like conversations that Gabrielle and I have (on Google chat, of course). Since she lives down the street instead of in the same house it's marginally better, right?

Joe McLean said...

Oh yeah, that totally sounds like us! We have 5 computers in one small room and chat with each other not two feet away. I don't know what life would be with out Google Talk, Gmail or FireFox! I mean, sure, Google is taking over the world, but they sure do have a nice spam filter in Gmail!

Another thing, do you keep sending out pings or updating your Remembering post? Just curious because it keeps displaying in my RSS as a new entry.

Anonymous said...

No,no,no, it's not chilly OR chili. 'Tis nippy. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't want to be a wet blanket but I have know idea what Gmail or any of that stuff is. My family and i just sit at the dinner table and talk. I'd have to agree with you Lily Tis nippy.
talk to you'll soon.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Lily, it's certainly 'nippy' out! :D

Nathan, gmail is a google based email. :D

Joe McLean said...

Goose, Gmail is the best free mail service out there! Google Talk is a Instant Messaging client that is web-based in Gmail or you can download it as a program. You can chat with anybody in your contact list that uses Gmail.

BTW do you have a blog, Goose?

Anonymous said...

Happy to have both your mom and dad blogging now! I so enjoy reading all your blogs. Not sure if you want to update my blog address or not, but I thought I'd pass it along to you anyways since it has changed!

Oh, and congrats on the up and coming new baby. I'm sure your excited about becoming an Aunt!
Mrs. Dumais

The Starry-eyed Dreamer said...

LOL! Aren't sisters great? : D

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Cassie, absolutely!!! :D


Abigail said...

That made me almost laugh!