Friday, July 11, 2008

cra·zy- with great enthusiasm or energy

bus·y- not at leisure; otherwise engaged

hap·py- delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing

I think that the above words pretty much explain the last four weeks. :-)

Daniel, Christa and Joshua left the 7th of this month in the morning at 3:00am. We were quite loathe to see them leave, but are eagerly anticipating their *next* visit. :-)

The Passionate Housewives Ladies/Daughters Tea went well!! It was very encouraging to see how many people showed up and we had a very uplifting (and challenging) talk by Mrs. Erber and then one by my dear mother as well. Everything went as planned, which we were all incredibly thankful for. And a big thank you to all the Ladies that helped put everything together and the "men" helpers in the kitchen!

The Fourth of July celebration was amazing. We even managed to get some *intelligent* people to dance, which was delightful! :-) All else decided that a game of Ultimate Frisby (don't get me started...) was more in their line. :-) There were fireworks, food, games, singing, recitations and much more!! It was a wonderful day as well weather-wise! The temperature stayed around 78!!! God is sooo good!

Joshua was also baptized on the 6th! The same day we decided to get our family portrait done since we were all together (something that doesn't happen very often anymore.). I'll be posting that soon (hopefully.)!

Here's a link to my Photo Album where I have the photos. Enjoy!

In Christ Alone, Jessica


The Hector Family said...

No comments?!?!??!?!?! Well, at least I get to be first.

I think those three words describe your personality just a well as you life. But, would you have it any other way? We live for the excitement!

Teas are so enjoyable. Sadly we do not have enough of them in CA. Maybe I now have something to organize....

Fourth of July sounded fun, and it is so much more fun when intelligent people dance!



Elissa said...

Jess, great pictures! I miss y'all incredibly though, all day on the fourth I though of you and wished I was there with y'all. Sounds like you've had a wonderful time the past few weeks!!!!

Love ya!!!!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ben, thank you for the comment! It's funny, because I look at my blog stats and hundreds of people visit my blog, but nearly nobody comments. :-) Ah well.
You're absolutely right. I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVE excitment, adventure and "craziness". I mean, life would be a bit boring without it. :-D
And I also must agree about the dancing. I kept telling the guys "Well, if the guys from California were here they'd dance..." We miss y'all! :-)

Elissa, I wished that you were there as well! Maybe next year? :-) I miss you and love you!!!

In Christ Alone, Jess

Achaia said...


Well, it is nice to "hear" you're back in the land of the living!! I'd wondered where you'd gone... I'm so glad you've been having a wonderful few weeks. I love Independence Day parties!

In Christ, Achaia