Monday, July 21, 2008

Seven Grooms For Seven Sisters...*cough* I mean...Strike that...reverse it. :-)

So I had the recent delight of seeing the classic musical, "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers". What can I say? I thought it was fabulous!!

I understand that there was not really anything that Hollywood today finds "amazing" or "spectacular" about this movie (though I could be wrong), but I found that it gave me some good laughs, some new (fun) songs to sing, and some crazily amazing choreography to admire (believe me, it really is some amazing choreography!!). You really just don't see films like this anymore.

And anyway doesn't the Bible say in Proverbs (17:22), "A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones."? :-) Well that's exactly what I found this movie to be, merry, and I think it honestly did me good. I know that all of that sounds like a rather odd way to describe a movie to most of you, but I suppose I was never normal. :-)

Anyway, it was truly a masterpiece of the late 50's and in my mind ranks as one of the best musicals of all time. Of course, I simply adore musicals, so if you don't, you might not share my opinion. But at least give it a chance. Even setting the music and dance aside, the story is humorous and (thankfully) everyone learns their lesson in the end.

A highly enjoyable film, really.

In Christ Alone,


P.S. And here's my favorite scene from the movie:


Anonymous said...

Luke LOVES that movie! When we first got it we watched it for three days straight just because he wanted to, and of course we couldn't discourage him. ;) He still goes around singing that first song! "Bless your beautiful hide! Where ever you may be!..." It's hilarious!


strings.95 said...

That is hilarious!! I love it Jess! I'll tell you how I liked the movie, after I watch it later this week...
Love ya, see ya Sunday

tulips96 said...

That is soooooooo funny!!!

Rochirmil said...

An interesting fact... the guy who played Benjamin (the second oldest in the orange shirt) was the only guy in the movie who couldn't dance. You'll notice that he is always in the back and doesn't do any of the special stuff in the middle.

Hannah F.

red said...

Our family LOVES this movie!! I personally love the music and dancing. Since we own this movie we always love watching the behind the scene stuff. So i will be so kind and share with my dear friends.
1. the young man that played the youngest was a professional acrobat from a local circus.

2. in the "Going Courting" song(when they are dancing with Millie and singing) in the front right you will see Benjamin sitting down and clapping because he was the ONLY actor they hired that could NOT dance.

I am so glad that you guys are enjoying watching these very fun musicals and can't wait to enjoy more with you in the future.


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Laura, that song is hilarious! Though my personal favorite is "Sobbin' Women" William goes around singing "Goin' Cout'n..." lol.

Jesi, yes you must! I know you'll just love it!!

Ashly, isn't it? :-D

Hannah, how interesting!! And he happened to be my favorite of the brothers... :-) Oh well... :-D

Red, it's so amazing the type of stuff you find out in the behind the scenes! Unfortunately, the version we borrowed was VHS so there were no special features, but we'll have to get the DVD. OR we COULD watch it with y'all when you come and visit us again!! :-D I simply love musicals!

In Christ Alone,


Chloe said...

Yes, we like that movie too! :-)
I'm glad you got to see it! :-)

God Bless!

Our family has recently gotten involved in "Civil War" period dancing and this month we attended a Summer Ball...I thought you might enjoy the pic's. :-)
The link to my blog is .

Natasha said...

Oh! This is one of my favourite movies!! My little brothers picked up a few of the songs and sung them while playing outside -- so cute!!

Isn't the choreography well done? Nothing like modern movies. Ah, musicals are the best!! :)

Bailey said...

Our (should I say that since I'm homeschooled?) local highschool put on this play. I loved it! Sometimes I squirmed a teensy bit over some things (can't remember why, now), but otherwise, it was one of my favorites. Musicals usually drag at the end (especially the stage version), but this one didn't. :)

God bless!

Achaia said...


I'm so glad you love this movie!! I haven't seen it for several years now... too bad. I love the part that you have the video of. And dancing is so fun... isn't it?

God bless,

Sierra Elizabeth said...

Jess, We just rented it out from the Library, and I LOVED it!!! I guess that when I first saw it, I was bored with it, but now I really like it. :)

Ella said...

Jessica, I got on your blog via your sister's and your Mom's.

Anyway, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers is one of my absolute favorite musicals. I love the songs so much...I wouldn't be surprised if I get one stuck in my head.

But then again, I love all musicals, so I am not that hard to please.

Erin said...

Now I simply MUST see this...I love musicals and this looks like a really good one! :)

Annalise said...

Jessica, you aren't crazy for liking this movie. It's one of my favorite musicals! :) I also got to see it done on stage several years back. It was great. :) I love the dancing scene too! A couple of other interesting facts for you: the movie was originally going to be called "Sobbin' Women" then it was changed to "A Bride for Seven Brothers" and then they thought that sounded weird, like she was getting married to all of them, so they finally changed it to "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." So anyways, it's a great movie. :)

Cassandra said...

You mean that you handn't seen it before this???? LOL! It's SO FUNNY! One of my favorite parts is when she takes the boys to town that first time, and the one boy offers a young lady a "Chaw of Tobaccy". : D

Jasmine said...

This is such a fun movie!

Usually, I'm pretty critical of musicals that don't involve Gene Kelly :), but the choreography in this one is great, and the story line is so cute. :)