Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm getting married...

Okay, so I'm not really getting married. :-D But I did have this conversation with William last week that I thought y'all might enjoy on that subject. :-D

William- I'm going to marry you!

Me (smiling) - Oh! Is that a proposal?

William (very matter-of-factly and as "manly" as he could)- Yes.

I smile and continue folding laundry.

William (annoyed)- Hey! I thought we were getting married!

Me- I have to wait for you to grow up first!

William (a bit exasperated)- But I'm already (spreads his arms out) THIS big! Like-like Robin Hood! He marries Maid Marian.

Me- So I'm Maid Marian?

William- Yes! And I shoot the bad guys with my gun. Then we get married.

Tiff- Robin Hood doesn't shoot guns.

Will- Then I'm not Robin Hood. I'm-I'm-I'm...John Wayne!

Me- But I won't marry John Wayne.

Will (his face drops)- But-but-but you marry me? (hopefully)

Me- Not if you're John Wayne.

Will- Then I'm Roy Rogers!

Me- Okay.

(a minute or two later)

Will- Knock! Knock!

Me- Who's there?

Will- No! You're supposed to say (he raise his voice so that it's high-pitched) 'Hello'.

Me (laughing at this point)- Okay. Let's start over then!

Will- Knock! Knock!

Me (high pitched of course)- Hello?

Will (grunting and trying to speak with a deep voice)- Hey.


LOL! Little brothers! What would the world be like without them? :-D

God bless!

In Christ Alone, Jessica


Elissa said...

I was like WHAT???????????? when I read the title, I thought I had clicked the wrong blog link ;) Anyway, what a cute post, William is SO ADORABLE!!!
Love ya!

Jesi said...

LOL! William is sooo qute!


Jesi said...

I mean cute* :D oops


The Same Anonomous Dude said...

Well, the Same Anonomous Dude is back for another thrilling and fulfilling series of comments that will enlighten every corner of your life.

1. How do I email you? I got a G-M ail account and want to get on the Providence lists, and you know everything.

2. I am tempted to flag your blog for no paticular reason. It's scary when I get great ideas...

3. I hate tax class. I get to sit next to the girl from H&R Block and who knows everything.

4. Why did you redo your blog? I think that according to IRS, NRA, SPC, CPC, NHC, and BPE that you are no longer legally considered a Texan.

5. What place are the Astros in? I looked at the standings, but I fear that they are so far behind my Cubbies that they are no longer visible... Its a shame, a conservative homeschooled girl, who isn't a Cubs fan.

I'll be back...

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I like the new look, Jessica! You've got to inform us poor RSS feed blog readers when you do something drastic like this. :)

I was like "awww, durn, another friend of mine gettin' married. *sigh*" LOL!!! You certainly caught my attention with that title! (I really was happy for you... dispite my rather despondent thought.)

That conversation with William is so funny! I had one about a year ago with Luke along the same lines, only I wasn't the girl he'd chosen! He did however come up with several options for me... I hated to stop his little matchmaking thoughts because they were SO cute, but I figured it would be best in the long run... ;)


Tara Janelle said...

ROTFL!!! That is TOO cute!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elissa, LOL! Yeah, I read Jasmine B's blog and she had a post titled "I'm Betrothed"...and it totally had me convinced for a second...so I knew I had to do something similiar. LOL! :-D Love and miss you!

Jesi, isn't he? :-D Gotta love baby brothers! :-D

Same Annonymous Dude aka J.D., LOL! I was wondering what had happened to you! :-D
If you come on Saturday (or Sunday) and if you could get me your email then, then all I have to do is add you to the CPCY list. So glad to hear that you joined gmail!!
Hey, I'M STILL A TEXAN! :-) After all, my birth certificate says I am...SO THERE! :-D And besides, Texas makes a really cool blog theme, anyway.*grin*
About the Cubs...*cough*...let's just say I wasn't impressed with their playing abilities. :-D No offense to them, of course. :-D And you just go see the Astros in person at THEIR field. And did I mention they nearly won the World Series...was it two years ago? The Cubs haven't even gotten close. :-D I guess you could just say, I'm loyal to my home team. :-)

Laura, yeah, we had a bit of that too. William decided for a while that he knew who we would marry...I had to stop him before he went and told the significant OTHERS his plans. LOL! But he's so cute! :-D

Tara, He IS! He never ceases to make me laugh, that's for sure! :-D

In Christ Alone,


Ashton said...

Jessica!!! Don't tell me you disabled your RSS feed! That means I actually have to VISIT your blog!


Oh and congrats on your future marriage. *grin*

Jasmine said...

He sounds super cute!!

I love little brothers, don't you? :)

The Same (or Sane) Anonomous Dude said...

I wouldn't say that getting swept and embarrased in the World Series is "Almost winning", would you? And I guess that I am a TN Resident, at least if I apply your logic...

Cello Players of the world, UNITE!!!

kathryn grace said...

That is just TOO adorable. I laughed so hard! I love the way little kids think. Someday you will be so glad you documented this. Maybe you should read it at William's wedding. :-)

Danya said...

Hey Jessica!!! Wow I didn't expect to get a comment from you, that was a great surprise!:) Yeah it's been a really long time. I guess neither of us are good at the "keeping up" thing. But anyway, my email is danya @ rebeccapowell . com.

In Christ,
Danya <><

Bailey said...

LOL!! What do little brothers know of marriage...too much or too little?? :D ROTLOL At first I was wondering who the lucky guy was...I guess that's what I get for reading *romantic* stories. ;) Thanks for the laughs!!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ashton, LOL! :-D Exactly why I did it! :-D And thank you for the congrats!! *grin* You can be a groomsman, if you'd like. *BIG GRIN* lol! :-D

Jasmine, he is! And I do...brothers are one of the many wonderful things God has blessed me with!! I have no idea what I'd do without them!!

J.D., *smile* Alright. You win. :-D LOL!
And... You play cello?!

Kathryn, yes! I might do just that! I can see his future wife now...smiling "aw wasn't he adorable?" and him turning red. Alright! You've convinced me! lol! I'll do it! :-D

Danya, I'm sooo dreadful at keeping up with people! And I'll email you as soon as I get a chance!!

Bailey, LOL! Don't worry, I read those same kind of things and am always imagining things that aren't there...LOL...I guess I'm a real goodness to honest "Emma". LOL!

In Christ Alone,


Achaia said...

Hi Jessica!

William's ideas remind me of my own little brother's... where do they come up with those things? It is terribly cute though!!

Have a wonderful day~
God bless you!

The Homeschooled Nitpicker said...

I noticed that you do not know how to spell anonomous. It is not Annonmyous, it is anonomous.