Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, I made our special "Texas Tortillas" the other day (my first time without Tiff) and Melissa and I were rolling them out for what seemed like forever. :-) When we did get them done we made Enchiladas one night and then some Steak Quesadillas the next. (I'm really getting into this whole cooking thing!!!)

The only thing I could think of while we ate the Quesadillas was the time that I was staying with the Habegger family in Texas and we had a contest of who could eat the most Quesadillas. (lol) I think Josh ate 10 or something, Isaiah was close behind and Esther and I ate around 6 or so (I know, call me crazy...let me tell you, I wouldn't do it now, that's for sure! Lol!). I told my Mom and she said, "WHY were you and Esther having an eating contest with boys?!" Of course, my excuse was, "Mom, I was 13." That seemed to settle it. (j/k) :-D

Also, I finally took Elissa's advice and watched "Call Me Madam". What can I say? It was delightful, through and through! The dancing, the singing, the acting...*dreamy sigh* :-D
Donald O' Connor and Vera-Ellen are great together! They do a dance reminiscent of "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" which was positively spectacular! I have to agree with Lis though, the two main characters didn't interest me half as much as Donald and Vera did. And they didn't sing as well either. Not that I'm biased. ;-)
Anyway, I heartily recommend it to all musical lovers, especially. But really, I think it's an enjoyable film for everyone.
And an interesting fact about Donald O'Connor...apparently he was supposed to play Danny Kaye's part in "White Christmas" but had to drop out at the last minute on account of Pneumonia. Too bad...I would've liked to see him in that as I was never a Danny Kaye fan. Ah well. :-)
Oh, and if anyone has any other musical recommendations please let me know as I'm on the lookout for some good ones!

Here's a song that I really enjoyed from "Call Me Madam". Oh, and check out those *charming* red-rimmed glasses! LOL! (Elissa also has a video up on her blog that is another of my favorites!):

I also watched a version of "The Alamo" last night. Despite a few things, I enjoyed the movie. Davy Crockett and Sam Houston were my favorites. :-) It was sooo refreshing to watch a movie about my home state! One of my favorite scenes is which it portrays Davy Crockett's brave death after the Alamo has fallen to the Mexicans (Crockett was the lone survivor after the battle.). I would tell you what he says, but, I think I'll let y'all watch it for yourselves. :-)
Following is the battle of San Jacinto in which the army of Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna's army in 18 minutes. It was an incredible act of God.
"The Alamo" is really about the sacrifice and courage of those 200 men who stood up to thousands of Santa Anna's soldiers so that they could have the right to be called Texans. They were ordinary men, but they went down as heroes.

Other than that...what's going on? Hmmm...well,
Tiff comes home on Saturday!! We're all very excited as it seems like forever since we've seen her! She's such an amazing older sister...always keeping things running, encouraging all of us, and just being there for us. We miss you, Tiff! <3

Ooo! And I found this adorable photo of a "Highland Coo". It's from somewhere in Scotland...not sure where exactly:

Isn't it adorable? I do so love cows! :-)
(sorry, I just had to share it with y'all)

Sooo...Moosh and I made Cheesecake last night! It was quite a fun dessert to make!! (As you can see I'm really getting into this cooking thing! *grin*) And it didn't smell to bad either. :-) Here's a few photos that Mel took during the process (and some other random ones that we've taken while Tiff has been gone):

"Turtle Cheescake Des Amis" (from our New Orleans Cookbook. *Yum*)

The Evaporated milk/Caramel Mixture

Oreos, anyone? :-)

Melted Caramel...*dreamy sigh* :-D

I look sooo tired in this photo. LOL. But hey, it was a ridiculous time of night. :-D

The finished product...with chocoalte and caramel on top.

Completely done! Personally, I'm going to have a hard time waiting 'till Sunday. :-D

Caleb...and his trained hands. :-D
J/K. That's just Mom, cutting his hair. :-D

William...either the Conquerer or the Cute. I'm still trying to decide. :-D

The little girls with their new haircuts!! And I think William wanted one too. :-D

Grace and Abby with their new haircuts! From behind, you can't tell them apart! :-D

Caleb's way to stop passers-by. :-D

Melissa's art. :-)



Grace and Abby 'pickin' chicken' :-)

Grace wasn't too impressed with the limp peice of celery leaf that she found. :-D
(I thought it was a worm, myself.)

Well, I suppose I should let y'all go now, as you're probably officialy bored now. :-) God bless your week exceedingly!!!!

In Christ Alone,



Elissa said...

I'm really enjoying you posting more often!! I do so love reading your posts even if they are just "posh" as one of your lables implies ;) I'm so glad you liked Call Me Madam! :D
MMmmmmmmmm that turtle cheesecakes looks heavenly!!!!

Aw, the girls look so adorable with their new hair cuts!!!
Love you lots and lots!!!


Anonymous said...

It's another musical we haven't seen yet!!! YAY! Gonna have to look into it. ;)

Could you please mail be a piece of that cheesecake??? PLEASE??? :D *sigh* ... melted caramel...


Ella said...

Haven't seen that musical. I really like Donald O'Conner, so I ought to. I just watched The Tender Trap with Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds. It isn't exactly a musical, but it's really cute. Very dated, but very cute!

Another one IU enjoy is "Good News." It does have women at college, but it is very sweet!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elissa, I'm very glad! I'll try to keep up the posting!

Laura, I got a teeny tiny piece at Church as the whole thing was gone in a matter of minutes :( But I will say it was pretty good. :-D Wish I could've sent you a piece! :-D lol!

Ella, thank you for the recommendations! I will definitely look into those! I'm big into 40's-ish era movies!!! :-)Thanks again!!

In Christ Alone,


The DeL Sisters said...

Thanks for all the pictures and updates Jessica! Esther and I are really getting into the cookig stuff to:-) Its so fun. We started a cooking blog...www/!

Have a great Labor Day!


The Same Anonymous Dude said...

I am Sooo tempted to flag your blog for excessive stupidity... I must say that my quality of life was significantly better before I read this post. I am compelled to admit the cheesecake was amazing, and I think that the two offset :)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Hannah, what fun!! Thank you for the link! I'll be sure to check it out!!!

J.D., LOL...yeah, I suppose I AM a bit...random. :-) But hey, it's fun! :-D And thank you. I'm so glad that people liked it!!!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

Achaia said...

Hello Jessica!

The girls look so sweet with their new hair cuts-- do you ever cut their hair?

Oh... you might like "It's a Great Feeling" with Dennis Morgan and Doris Day. It's really cute!

God bless,

Carla said...

You have a cool blog here! Just thought I'd let you know :)