Sunday, May 22, 2005

The FEAST Conference

Well, I got back from MY first conference of the year yesterday, well, rather, this morning (at 12:30am). I met so many new people and had such fun! I didn't find any books to buy but I walked around anyway and looked at them! :) The first night I stayed with Dad and Mom at the "Antonian Inn and Suites", the second night I stayed at the Arnolds house! Liz and I were watching Basketball on the computer. She really wanted Dallas to win (Dallas and Pheonix were playing), I don't really care 'cause I don't know anything about basketball. lol. Caleb has decided that he doesn't like the Rockets anymore and that they stink. Now he likes the San Antonio Spurs. BOooo! Sorry, but I'm still loyal to my hometowns team. :)
Liz, Sarah and I went and got people that were working at booths all alone their food! There were a LOT of people that we served. It was fun though.

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